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Incubate Debate Holds Youth Debate on Ghana-China Ties

Ms. Precious Adepa (Participant in Incubate.Ghana tournament, runner-up / second place - student, The Agape School Complex)
Ms. Precious Adepa (Participant in Incubate.Ghana tournament, runner-up / second place - student, The Agape School Complex)
On the eve of Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Ghana, Incubate Debate, an American non-profit that organizes debate tournaments for youth to come together to discuss and dialogue over important issues shaping their country, hosted its inaugural event in Accra.  Over 150 Ghanaian students from the Agape School Complex, Down City International, Adonai International School, and Jireh International School participated in debates on the role of English language education in Ghana’s schools and whether Ghana should continue to participate in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative.”

The champion of the tournament was Ms. Vicentia Akorfa Avorda of the Adonai International School.

Student Ms. Aboagye Stephena said the competition “helps build confidence” in the ability of the students to participate in meaningful and important conversations.

Incubate Debate’s no-cost tournaments, workshops, and institutes give students the opportunity to learn and grow in areas related to public speaking, critical thinking, and civic engagement.

Richmond Nyadedzi, the Headmaster of the Agape School Complex, said “Thank you to Incubate for such a special event. It was great, educational, challenging, and a morale boost for our children. It brought out the best in them. They were outspoken, bold, expressive, and nice to each other. God bless Incubate and the team. We look forward to the next Incubate tournament.”

Students gathered at the Agape School Complex at 0800, where they registered and mingled before the opening ceremony began, where the National Pledge of Ghana was recited by students. A short video was played by Incubate Debate’s founder and director welcoming students to this important event.

“The bond between the U.S. and Ghana transcends geographical boundaries. It is deeply rooted in our shared humanity and a profound respect for the values of family, community, and faith. Thank you for being here, thank you for stepping up to share your opinion on two incredibly important issues to the future of your great country.” [excerpt from Mr. Fishback’s prepared remarks]

Founded in 2019, Incubate Debate began hosting no-cost debate tournaments and workshops for students in the U.S. state of Florida and is expanding to organize debates in a handful of international locations, beginning with Ghana but with sights set on Israel, the Middle East, and South America. Incubate is committed to helping the youth become strong public speakers, quick thinkers, and engaged citizens through its always-free tournaments. With the rising importance of public discourse in the modern world, the program hopes to continue providing students with the tools and resources needed to participate in meaningful conversations and debates.

Testimonials from participants:

“There is no program like this in Ghana. We enjoy the debate topics Incubate is bringing to Ghana. Everyone was happy to be part of this tournament, the students were also happy. You should continue to host tournaments. If you bring it, we will help and support you. It was great to have this event the day before the American Vice President arrived. The event was a testament to the strong special friendship between our two nations.”

– Gina Young  (Coordinator, Agape School Complex)
“Incubate.Ghana is one of the keenest and spot-on competitions I have ever witnessed. The competition was very keen as students prepared very well and desired to represent Ghana in other parts of the world.

The topics inspired great patriotism in the students as they passionately spoke about the issues raised. Research exposed the learners to so much information on the media and has taught them how to handle issues of such.

If the same trajectory is followed, Incubate Debate would become a force to reckon with, globally.”

– Bright Nartey (Founder, Adonai International School)
“I was really privileged to share my views. Incubate Ghana has been a very good shot for me. It has really enhanced my thinking ability and also really motivated me. This program has really made me know what goes on around my country. I really hope that my speech will be useful and I also recommend it to each and every student.”
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