Indiscriminate Car Clamping At Airport Area Brew Anger

Car users, especially private car users are no more finding the rate at which members of Cars Towing task force clamp their vehicles within the Airport area, any funny.


People have expressed grave anger at the way and manner the 24 Hour Towing & Accident Recovery Services’ task force group clamp their cars at will.


Speaking to car users on the growing incident of car clamping in the city of Accra, they averred that it has become an embarrassing situation for them since the task force team, which move round the city most at times clamp their cars wrongly.

“The embarrassing thing is that the moment you stop, your car will be clamped. Sometimes, your engine will even be on but yet still, they will clamp it,” a driver said.

Some of specifically cited the 24 Hour Towing & Accident Recovery Services responsible for the Airport area for not educating their task force hence they do things without recourse to the laid down rules.

According to an affected car owner, he was driving through the airport area when his car was clamped by the task force without even spending one minute around the Hajj Village.

He said, he legitimately parked at a point but had his car clamped, and towed to their car park where he was made to pay GH100.00.

He described the whole incident as abuse of responsibility on the part of the 24 Hour Towing & Accident Recovery Services, which he said, failed to educate their staff on how best they can carry out their operations.

According to him, the drama that ensured was very sad.

Source: Prosper Agbenyega/

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