Induction of Akwamuhene of Otublohum , Nana Ofei Agyemang II into Akwamufie

Induction of Akwamuhene of Otublohum , Nana Ofei Agyemang II into Akwamufie
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Nana Ofei Agyeman II, a respected businessman and philanthropist, was officially inducted into the prestigious Akwamufie on October 15, 2023. The induction ceremony took place in the presence of Akwamumanhene Nana Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III and other traditional rulers of Akwamufie.


Nana Ofei Agyeman II, also known as Nii Amoo Dodoo, is based in the United States of America where he works with an Engineering Company. In Ghana, he is known for his successful business ventures and his dedication to philanthropy.


Throughout the years, Nana Ofei Agyeman II has been actively promoting Ghanaian culture and traditions in North America, Europe, and Ghana. He holds various leadership positions, including President of the Virginia GaDangme Association, President of National Homowo, and Executive Member of the GaDangme Home Coming Planning Committee. Nana Ofei Agyeman II has organized numerous events such as Homowo Festivals in North America and the Naa GaDangme Beauty Pageant in Ghana. He has been instrumental in assisting GaDangme Associations in the Diaspora to promote Ghanaian culture and traditions.


Nana Ofei Agyeman II is also the President of Universal Kindness Outreach (UKO) Ghana and a founding member of other NGOs that provide charity support, scholarships to deserving students, and educational materials and medical equipment to schools and hospitals in Ghana.


During his induction, Nana Ofei Agyeman II expressed his commitment to extend the charitable programs, scholarships, and support for education and healthcare to the Akwamu traditional areas. He also emphasized his desire to promote Akwamu culture and traditions in the diaspora. Additionally, he pledged to collaborate with the community to identify and build upon the strengths and potentials of the youth.


Stephen Nii Dodoo, head of the family, Nii Dodoo Nsaki We, stated that the installation of Nana Ofei Agyeman II as the Akwamuhene of Otubluhum would strengthen the relationship between Otublohum and Akwamufie, and bring development to the Akwamu traditional areas and Otublohum communities.


Accompanying Nana Ofei Agyeman II during his induction ceremony at Akwamufie were selected Chiefs, Queen mothers, family Heads, and Osafoatsem3i of the Otubluhum Royal Stool Council, as chosen by Nii Dodoo Nsaki II, the Otublohum Mantse and Abakumahene of Akwamu. The ceremony was attended by family and friends of Nana Ofei Agyeman II and was a vibrant and memorable event, with the customs and traditions of the induction being meticulously performed by Akwamumanhene Nana Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III.


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