From. Sadiq abubakar Maiduguri

The Public Affairs Officer PAO and Deputy Director DD, Mr. Tommy L. Magbrim of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC Borno State has said that about two million five hundred voters were registered in the 2011 voters registration exercise but due to errors and mistakes in finger prints and errors names and other details entered that were erroneous and detected by the Reader Machines, only about one million seven hundred eligible voters the reader machines recognized, registered and their PVCs were produced in the state which about 70 per cent have successfully collected their PVCs and thousands of new eligible voters have also registered and issued either TVC or PVCs.


He added that there is amount of PVCs hijacking or stealing or purchasing could lead to electoral rigging in 2015 by any politician anywhere in the country hence the INEC Reader Machines that will be used and issued the PVCs have been programmed security wise and detect any error or abnormality from the registration exercise including multiple registration or impersonation or wrong information.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday in his office on the current distribution of PVCs and The CVR exercise where many polling units have not distributed the PVCs to the voters and in some places the INEC presence was completely zero or empty.

He said “the PVCs and CVRs exercises are continuous processes and will continue uptil the end if the month if January or beyond depending in the situation on ground with the sole aim at ensuring that all the eligible voters that registered collect their PVCs and those that are yet to register get their registration done perfectly.”
According to him, “all the rumours making the round in the state in respect of the PVCs and CVRs are baseless and unfounded. They are just imagination of the people on the streets and aimed at jeopardizing the efforts of the electoral body INEC as it stand firm in ensuring that the electoral processes are successful and peaceful”.
The PAO notes that usually in situations like this, it is not a new thing to experience hitches here and there but INEC in Borno State is doing its best to ensure that the voters cards distribution and registration as well as election are peaceful and successful”.

Mr. Magbrim further appealed for patience and understanding while calling on the eligible voters and politicians to cooperate and support the electoral body to serve them better and peacefully.

He added that ” I am very sure that the calibre of the new Resident Electoral Commissioner REC on ground having known his capabilities for long and worked with him for sometimes ago as Logistics and Electoral Heads, i am confident that we will deliver a successful PVCs, CVRs and election this year by God grace”.

Mr. Tommy also said following the resolution of the INEC headquarters to conduct elections for the IDPs in the three states of the northeast, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, a high powered Committee from the national headquarters is expected in Maiduguri this week to inspect all the IDPs Camps and designate Polling Units for their elections and “we need the support and cooperation of the stakeholders in this direction”.


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