Influencer Eduardo Omeltech Analyses Profiles Of Famous People To Say What Kind Of Energy Those Profiles Emanate

Influencer Eduardo Omeltech
Influencer Eduardo Omeltech

Eduardo Omeltech, an “energetic Influencer” seek to work energy to yourself organizing, healing, and manifesting intelligences. Energetic transmissions through social media are real. It’s natural that scrolling on Instagram makes you feel all sorts of feelings.

You may be picking up on the energy of someone you’re following. Or maybe you have experienced getting aware of emotions within yourself that previously went unacknowledged. It’s especially true when the world or communities around you are going through major social, political, and economic events.

When it comes to energy exchange, social media is no different from the physical realm. Seeing a single Instagram post might leave you feeling moved and inspired, or completely wrecked. Everything that happens in our physical field, so that the energetic masses are undone so that you can have a greater connection with your individual being.

Is it known that everything we wish, talk, and see constantly, we get and attract at some level, but when the subject is what we really need, we start to negotiate with our inner emptiness, that also everyone carries inside. If we do not have consciousness of that, we will try to fill that emptiness up with things that are so distant from us, keeping our essence far away from our reality.

Eduardo, a neuroscientist, behaviorist, spiritual healer and owner of @espaco.holome analyses profiles of famous people to say what kind of energy those profiles emanate that can be consumed by all of us that follow this main reference of pop world stars.

MADONNA emits an energy that she is in the process of connecting with something that is still not understood. She emanates an energy of denial at her own time, applying masks and more masks through the procedures. What has she been hiding, especially from herself? Madonna as we all know, is an icon for her immense success, but is her denial and desire to look younger a desire to reach younger audiences or hiding something from herself?

The point of attention is to seek the connection with herself, trying to seek her originality that always made her successful in the past. There is a marked denial of her own self-image, leaving an energy that doesn’t want to be her in an original way.

Madonna has been more actively posting on social media over the past year, which has garnered several opinions over her interesting outfit choices and shocking confessions. Fans have also expressed their concern over the pop star’s recent “freaky” appearance, which plastic surgeons recently told Page Six they believe has gone too far.

BEYONCÉ, for her characteristic of what she always presents on her social media, always shows a more exclusive air and an authenticity that is noticed now. In her analysis of the latest photos, Beyoncé exudes an energy of authority, power, and firmness. Transiting between power, family, and opulence her image. There is always an air of mystery and many aspects that earn millions of likes for a story already created worldwide.

The side of attention that many do not realize it also exudes an air of extreme exclusivity, where many create a certain distance by not having a vision of their day to day, to be close. She creates this barrier of her personal and professional, not showing her daily life. The world requires connections, and it is in everyday life that we connect. As a point of attention, it is to bring something closer, real and that talks to the public, thus offering greater proximity.

You can read that as she’s grown and evolved, so too has her personality; from shy teen to the time, she thanked a presenter for pointing out that she was, indeed, Beyoncé, her shade compilations are now a YouTube genre in their own right. The star has built an intensely loyal fanbase over the years. The group of super-stans have proven themselves to be truly formidable, especially in the face of criticism. In 2015, Kid Rock chose to criticize the star’s looks and music and the hive immediately flocked to his social media channels, flooding the comments sections with countless bee emojis.

KIM KARDASHIAN, on the other hand, transits between blurred photos and luxury aspects, always emanating an energy of being chic but always carrying an interconnection with her family and friends. Transiting between imperfection and perfection, she shows a more real side. In addition, Kim always constantly praises the causes she supports, sending energy of empathy to the world and fighting for her ideals. Kim has a greater connection with the public due to her lifestyle delivery and this seems to have greater empathy and the possibility of integration with the public due to the value of those who are always with her, her family.

In terms of attention, it is to analyse to what extent everything that is posted is lived, since, for those who have seen their realities, it always shows a certain emotional manipulation to favour a certain subject.

It was her early “career” that gained the attraction of many which did help the growth of Kim Kardashian’s publicity. Since then, she knows what gets her traction up and that is her body image, the way she looks, and her ‘curves’ which she utilises in her posts to create an uproar of different emotions. The point here is, to narrow down what you are great at and what you enjoy, then create content around it. Kim’s first Instagram post was far from the “perfect” selfies she is now known for.

The increase in social media use over the last decade has, of course, corresponded to the huge spike in the amount of time that people spend online. Young people are at the heart of this trend. In the EU, the time young people spend online has doubled in 2020 compared to ten years earlier and is between two and three and a half hours every day.

Social media is a double-edged sword. While on the one hand, it’s a great tool to stay connected with a larger number of people and explore newer career opportunities, it’s also a breeding ground for unimaginable toxicity in the form of harassment and bullying. It may be a tough field to navigate as a regular, non-celebrity, but it gets amplified when you have millions of followers who have opinions on everything you do or don’t.

One of the celebrities who is most often targeted online is Karan Johar. If trolls aren’t coming at him for his movie casting choices, they attack his sexuality and his twin babies. The trolling got so severe recently, that the director announced a departure from his Twitter account. Late last year, Johar Tweeted at his 17.2 million followers for the last time, saying that he is quitting to “make way for positive energies”.

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