Influencers Spend Up To Us$20k For Cosmetic Procedures To Adjust Plastic Surgeries


For years, cosmetic procedures have been allies of great personalities to build the perfect body. Keeping up with fashion trends, body harmonization is a common desire for those who work with their own image and this also extends to influencers who have become true opinion makers nowadays. 

Some influencers undergo plastic surgery and then appeal to cosmetic procedures to correct something that didn’t go as expected. And there are those who retouch their procedure, but also those who adhere to the techniques in the first place. However, costs can be as high as US$20k, depending on the number of sessions and spots on body that the procedure will take place. 

Remembering that each session can vary between US$47 and US$470. A reference professional in the sector, especially for the care of the gluteal region, Hamilton Couto is the favorite name among Brazilian influencers who want to improve their look, adjusting a mistake or just improving their body. 

“They call me Dr. Maintenance and I always work to keep their bodies impeccable,” says the doctor. He uses innovative methods, with absorbable or definitive products in his procedures. With clinics in Brazil, the doctor has already assisted some influencers and performed the following procedures: 

Vanessa Mesquita made an application of hyaluronic acid in the butt, and Tatiele Polyana did a collagen biostimulation in the gluteus. Hamilton was also responsible for harmonizing Tati Minerato’s butt and took care of knee sagging, butt repair and thigh harmonization for Jaque Khury, among many others. 

What draws attention, apart from the impeccable results he delivers, is the responsibility in guiding the choice of the best treatment, and the concern to deliver harmonization and well-being, ensuring results that impact health, far beyond the procedure. 

“Sometimes people want to choose a treatment that is on the rise, in fashion, but it’s not what will deliver the body they expect. It’s better to talk and show that maybe another method is better, than accepting it and not leaving the office with the result you want”, he explains.

Hamilton Couto is known as Dr. Maintenance by offering constant care following the results closely and always guaranteeing impeccable results, even when the chosen technique needs retouching over time. 

“I like following up with my patients, earning their trust and knowing that they will come back. Cosmetic care, even when it is definitive, needs to be monitored”, he adds. The professional performs procedures for muscle definition, muscle hypertrophy, body harmonization, volume and buttock contour, as well as treatment of sagging and cellulite.

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