Influencers Talk About Their Experiences In Preparing For Start Of The Winter

Luana Sandien, Cris Galera, And Israel Cassol
Luana Sandien, Cris Galera, And Israel Cassol

This Wednesday, the 21st, the winter season begins on the European continent, and with that, the winter solstice rituals also start. This is the moment when the Sun is the furthest south and, therefore, dictates the beginning of the season in our hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere. 

For those who do not recognize the term, the day of the winter solstice is the shortest of the year, and consequently, it is when the longest night occurs. Therefore, from that date, the length of the day starts to be shorter. During this period, some rituals are also carried out to welcome winter, coinciding with the desire for good energies to reach the year that will soon arrive. 

The models and influencers Luana Sandien and Cris Galera, and the TV host, Israel Cassol, are some influencers who do not leave opportunities to deposit their faith, belief, and wishes in a positive sense of brightening and prospering the coming days. 

Some religions believe this is the most powerful night of the year, and for Luana Sandien, it is one of the most important. “I always say my prayers because I think faith is the one of the most important things for me. I always put my positive intentions out there, and I never pass an opportunity to dedicate myself to a ritual that can bring luck and money”, says the model living in Barcelona. 

She always gathers ingredients such as a pine branch, an incense stick, sunstone crystal, red candles, a mirror, paper, and a pen with green ink and creates her mystic. However, Cris Galera, who lives in Amsterdam, acts differently. After discovering that Yule is also celebrated on this date, she lights candles, bonfires, or torches in honour of the new cycle. 

“I do this because it makes me feel good. It’s a rite of passage, and I think it’s a special and exciting moment. I like to celebrate. I believe this brings lightness to our lives”, explains the influencer. 

Israel Cassol lives in England and doesn’t waste this date, either. According to the presenter, he always puts his faith into practice, in belief. For him, spirituality goes beyond the human being. “I dedicate myself at the end of the year, and with the arrival of winter, I try to use every device possible,” explains Israel. 

“I throw water out the window to ward off sadness and bring prosperity, carry lentils in my wallet, light candles, pray and do whatever else is possible to bring good energy,” the TV host concludes.

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