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Insatiable And Avaricious Characters


There is something perverse about more than enough. When we have more, it is never enough. It is always somewhere out there, just out of reach. The more we acquire, the more elusive enough becomes.

There is a story that tells of a bank robber who gets shot and killed in the middle of big heist. Fast forward a bit, and we find him obviously standing at the gates Upstairs where he comes face to face with a wonderful angel who says to him, ?I am your angel, your messenger. As a matter of fact, I?m sort of like a genie and anything you want, all you need to do ask me and you get it.???And the bank robber says, ?Wow, this is great! You know what? I want to have some alcohol. And let?s see, I also want to have some beautiful women around me. In fact, I want to do whatever I want and have the best time.? ??And just like that, poof, the guy looks around and he is in the middle of a marvelous sumptuous party. So there he is, partying one day, two days, three days?until he says, ?Hey, angel, wait a second.

An insatiable and avaricious character!

There is something missing here. I?m done with all this stuff. I want to try something else. The angel says, “Sure, no problem. What do you want to do?” And the guy replies, you know what? I think I want to rob a bank.” The angel says, “Really? OK, no problem. Pick a day, a time, whenever you want, and go on in and rob whatever bank you like.”

The guy shakes his head. “Hey, wait a minute. You don?t understand. That is not the way it works. You don?t have to know what time or where it?s going to be. There is no rush if the bank just allows me to rob it. I?ve got to have the cops follow me. I?ve got to be worried I?m going to get caught. I?ve got to get the adrenaline running.”

Then the angel says, ?Oh well, I am sorry, but that does not happen here. Here you get whatever you want, absolutely no strings attached.

You want ice cream, it?s yours. You want women, they are yours. You want sex, it is yours. Whatever you want, you get it and you get it right away.”?The guy very much overwhelmed replies, “You know, I don?t like this place. I want to go to hell.? And the angel says, ?Where do you think you are?”??This is obviously just a story, not an accurate depiction of the afterlife. But what the story remind us is that we often think that if we could just get what we want, we would be happy.

Listen to the President shamefully remarking. ?Seek ye the political kingdom ?…” Albert Einstein stated that three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed. It was true in his days and very, very relevant now.

From the “State of The Nation Address” – by implication or inference the President says, ‘If I had a little more, I should be very satisfied.’ You make a mistake. If you are not content with what you have, you would not be satisfied if it were doubled.

His alluding to the year 2019 demonstrates that, all his energies are geared toward winning 2016 election and not about the challenges confronting the country.

We forget that we chose to come here to this life so we could earn our fulfillment: to learn, grow, and transform. Much of our activity these days is nothing more than a cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of an empty life.

Whilst on the other hand, we forget that this physical world was created to give us the opportunity to become beings of sharing, like our Creator, and not just passive receivers of His goodness.

And not forgetting that learning to share unconditionally is the ticket to tasting the bounty of the Creator.

There is something that we tend to ignore. Mr. President, you cry over spilled champagne! Your complaints are not over the lack of necessities, but the abundance of benefits. The billions of dollars and Ghana Cedis that has come under your watch are your abundance.

You bellyache over the frills, not the basics. Over benefits not essentials! Not forgetting that the source of your problem is your blessing.

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