As we inhale and exhale the natural air every day and night, life presents us with diverse patterns, that demand us to make critical evaluation of our daily activities.
The dynamic nature of life, the trending contemporary issues, as well as the expectations and demands of families, religious groups, work environment, educational settings and the society at large, sometimes put us on a “cross road” and on a long term “unresolved internal conflicts and dilemma”.

Life appraisal exercise is not an easy one, but requires the ability to identify the root causes of issues, probing into the issues to find out potential “actors and playmates” of every problem, tracking and locating available resources, services, opportunities, assets, skills, competencies and capabilities within the environment, and identifying one’s weaknesses and threats or challenges that are likely to influence the smooth running of the appraisal exercise and/or curtail one’s vision, goals and the established standard path of one’s life patterns.
Some people have pertinent issues that are buried within them, sinking deeply into the oceanic depth, corroding and rusting, rippling and spreading over every part of their whole “being”, yet they seem so ignorant and lackadaisical about them.

Dramatically, some people have also been consistently investing their energies and resources in curbing and solving others problems, but have failed woefully to acknowledge their own problems and find solutions to them. This situation often leads one to a “life lost” and “eternal enslavement”. Failure to find solutions to such condition will further result in a “consequential replicating vulnerability” and a “deep ocean social death”.

The courage, willingness and ability to know one’s self, consistent embracement and acceptance of one’s personality and identity is a prerequisite for advancing one’s efforts, potentials and charting the right path for a success and an indestructible life foundational patterns.

This life pattern enhances one’s resilience, strengths, adaptability, locus of control and a strong sense of foresight to maneuver, repair broken societal blocks and redefine an empowering atmosphere capable of sustaining one’s living standard, the entire society and even over generations.

When you take a deep breath, and tour through the length and breadth of the globe, one could realise that there exist wide range of people, with diverse cultural patterns/orientation, varied resource endowment, unique resilience life curve, different social building blocks, level of adaptability, opportunities, living standards, weaknesses and challenges.

This suggests that even though, we’re all under one earthly umbrella, each and everyone has inherent efficacies, potentials and abilities that can be tapped into and relied on for increasing one’s resilience and adaptability to changing conditions, and for a sustainable development in life.
Within every individual, family, society or nation are also available loopholes. These loopholes always strive hard to spread quickly to all parts of the “being” and create destructive leakages that are more likely to block/impede the fruition of every potential strength within the system.

While some group of people are striving assiduously to put in place excellent and sustainable mechanisms to safeguard the available resources within the system, and develop strategies to repair the broken blocks, block the leakages, and design curative medicines to heal the weak parts, necessary to keep the system in active motion and function, others decide to dwell in the past, and allow darkness to overcome and overshadow their energies/lights.

The worst investment in life is living a life that isn’t true to yourself, and at the same time fulfilling other people’s dreams and aspirations at the expense of yours.

You’re worth the crown of a victorious life; come out of your shell, explore, unlearn, learn relearn, discover your true identity and invest prudently and fully in it!!!

Theophilus Quaicoe


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