Installing environmental monitoring systems For Your Business operations


Temperature sensors have applications in environmental and process control. They are classified into – Digital and Analog. Both these sensors measure and sense the temperature with accuracy and reliability. However, Digital sensors are a step ahead of analog.

Digital sensors connect to the climate monitor through a digital serial bus. Almost 16 supporting digital sensors can be attached by using splitters. The total cable length combined must not exceed 600′. Make sure that this cable is not near high voltage or high circuit equipment. If you need to extend the sensor cables that’s not a problem, but the cable should remain straight-through without cross-overs. You can also use snap-on ferrite chokes to shield against external interference.

A wireless temperature sensor can monitor, log and view real-time temperatures for compliance reporting. This system provides critical information, including temperatures, CO2, power loss, humidity, water presence, and more. Even though this device has a number of features, it may not be a feasible solution. This is said because battery replacement at remote locations isn’t easy and in some cases not a possibility.

A liquid leak detection sensor detects power outages, battery voltage, water leaks, door position and other important elements. There are separate devices that help to detect each of these issues. Comfortably monitor water leaks or floods.  This alarm triggers the environmental monitor if it detects a film of water between the metal contacts on the unit.  Don’t worry there are no false alarms due to condensation or high humidity.

It is mandatory for every company to install a small detection kit.

The SA-1 remote Smoke Sensor kit detects the presence of smoke in your facility. If smoke is detected the alarm triggers on the environmental monitor letting everyone in the facility know or sets a notification as configured. This smoke alarm is recommended for international installations.

Most businesses also install IP surveillance cameras. It is important to keep an eye on the guests as well as the workers. Their main application is to protect your company’s expensive equipment, for this reason webcams are installed. You can see if someone is trying to mess with your gear.

An IP webcam is a separate unit with its own IP address on your network. They can be accessed separately via a web browser. Some of the cameras can be configured to record based on motion, which saves a lot of hard drive space. Depending on your business needs make sure to install these environmental monitoring devices.

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