The Intellectual Youths of NDC couldn?t help but to shrug its shoulders in utter disbelief when Ghanaians were once again treated with one of the many sad episodes in Ghanaian politics by a self styled group of the New Patriotic Party called Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA).

It is sad that in the era of twenty first century Democratic Ghanaian politics, a pseudo demented imp group like the LMVCA could have developed the habit of spouting loads of tripe. Their action speak ill of commonsense and their nascent ideas are laid bare in the face for public ridicule.

Judging by the views expressed by the LMVCA, which among other things suggest that, His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama has ??employed unethical legal tactics to delay the proceedings ad infinitum? on the NPP?s petition at the Supreme Court by deciding to provide 4800 witnesses to testify in the case.

The group also alleged that the decision by the General Secretary of the People?s National Convention, Bernard Monah to challenge CI 74; the Supreme Court rules that govern how presidential petitions are to be conducted was ? hatched at the Castle and it was financed by ?President Mahama

Again, the group ignorantly questioned why Dr Raymond Atuguba, the Executive Secretary of President Mahama is the counsel for the plaintiff challenging CI 74.

It is, however, regrettable that after many years of formal education, people you expect to know better are by their actions demonstrating an inhuman attitude of ignorance and idiocy. We wish to reminder the LMVCA and the NPP that principles must be the core platform on which we build a Great and Strong nation- the cause of right- the cause of justice, the cause of fairness and the cause of brotherhood. The whip in the temple was about sacred values and nothing else.

They must know that the house of God is not a den of thieves but a sanctuary of Sacred and Holy Communion with God. Similarly, the seat of governmental power is not a place for thieves, liars, greedy, selfish and ignorant people, but a place where honesty, simplicity, nobility, sacrifice, truth and justice must be enthroned and glorified.

If indeed, the LMVCA and the NPP wants all votes cast in the December 7 and 8 election to be counted, then in the same vein, the NPP and the LMVCA must allow all the votes cast, which has resulted in President Mahama being elected and duly sworn in by the Chief Justice as President of the Republic of Ghana also count.

The likes of Ibrahim Adjei, spokesperson for the LMVCA and other like minds must know that, the NPP votes are not superior in quality than other votes. Yes, the NPP had persons voting for them, but they should not create the impression that apart from them and their votes, other votes are useless and should not be considered.

We found it repugnant, condescending, irritating and deeply insulting that the LMVCA and the NPP would have the effrontery to exercise their right to freedom under the 1992 constitution to fault results from over 4700 polling station, but refusing to listen to 4800 witnesses in court.

We cannot fathom how on earth such an incorrigible arm-chair group of the NPP fined fault with who represents Benard Monah, who is a citizen of Ghana and who, per the constitution of Ghana have the right to who becomes his counsel at any material time. Has anybody raise a whisker about the lawyers representing the NPP in court? Is the NPP now setting it own terms and rules of court?

The Intellectual Youths of the NDC considers this barbaric and hollow arguments being advance by the LMVCA and the NPP as absolute gibberish and coming from imaginary politicians, who have nothing substantive in value to say, yet chose to say something, anyhow, because they needed to make a statement.

We see nothing but a professional and intellectual dishonesty in the issues raised by them. It is, once again, one of the many sad episodes in Ghanaian politics.

We humbly and solemnly call for a revolution; a mind altering process that offers members of the group and other members of the NPP who subscribes to this arguments, the intellectual, interpretive, and critical eyes to see through political hypocrisy. We call for attitudinal revolution for the NPP and the LMCVA; a human quality that confronts, and defeats, mainstream political trickeries that are constantly employed to bait the unsuspecting public to preserve the status quo.

Members of the LMVCA and by extension the NPP should not be oblivious of the fact that most brilliant minds in Ghana under the Better Ghana Agenda hardly display perceptiveness. We are troubled by their continual obsession with antiquated style of politicking.


Mustapha Inusah (Chairman) 0277372756

Amos Blessing Amorse- Ex Member

Abdul-Jalil Ibrahim ? General Secretary

Abdul Karim Sulemana ? P.R.O

Wisdom ? P, R, O

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