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Ngige, Peter Obi, Poll Rigging, Emeka Umeagbalasi & Intersociety:
In 2002, a coalition of human rights activists in Anambra State were
brought together and they joined forces with the ?Mother Church? to form a
strong coalition to fight election rigging and disastrous governance in
Anambra State then under Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju?s inglorious epoch. The
?Mother Church? was represented by the JDPC and prominent among the
congregated rights groups was the Anambra State Branch of the Civil
Liberties Organization under Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi.
In the April 2003 governorship poll, the Coalition, with the help of the
?Mother Church?s? JDPC, deployed over 4000 monitoring agents in all the
polling booths in the State. Except in two wards in Anambra West LGA,
where the poll did not take place, all other results were obtained,
studied and analyzed at the JDPC secretariat in Onitsha and they clearly
showed that Mr. Peter Obi of the All Progressives Grand Alliance won the
poll with a wide margin. But to the shocking of everybody, Dr. Chris
Nwabueze Ngige was returned by INEC and later administered with the oaths
of office and allegiance. Peter Obi and his party, too, through their
agents, collected results, which tallied with ours.
Dozens of ballot boxes filled with cast votes were later found floating on
rivers in Omambala or river-line and forest areas of the State including
Igbo-ukwu in Aguata LGA. Dozens of the election result forms called ?Form
EC8As? were also found torn to shreds by Dr. Chris Ngige and his
godfathers-led poll agents. Dr. Chris Ngige?s inaugural speech contained
some paragraphs dedicated to one Chris Ubah for making him the governor.
The speech was also interrupted for minutes in the form of ?Ahu Nze, Ebie
Okwu? (when a titled man enters the scene, all protocols are suspended in
his honor), when the quantity arrived the inauguration ground midway into
Dr. Chris Ngige?s inaugural speech, in recognition of his then mastery in
poll rigging and coronation of plum public holders, in return for huge
financial gains.
After the armada of electoral fraud, the Coalition, including ?the Mother
Church?, represented by the JDPC resolved to go court or support the
presumed winner should he decides to go to court to challenge the
heart-breaking rigging. Other public interest groups and public figures
like the local branch of Ohaneze Ndigbo supported the Coalition and joined
forces with them. In September, 2003, the first hearing of the poll
rigging case commenced at the Anambra State Governorship Election Petition
Tribunal, sitting at Awka. The five panel tribunal was headed by Hon.
Justice Garuba Nabaruma.

Few months after the commencement of the matter, interests and pressures
crept into the Coalition. The JDPC of ?the Mother Church?, which earlier
vowed to appear before any tribunal or court to give evidence, chickened
out, citing pressures from ?home front?. Few months later, Dr. Chris Ngige
became a knight of the Catholic Church and before members of the Coalition
could close their eyes and open, 80% of its Coalition partners have thrown
in their towel; saying ?election rigging has come to stay in Nigeria and
you can?t fight, but accept it?. By 2005 August, when the first unanimous
verdict was delivered in favour of Peter Obi and Anambra voters, the
Coalition camp has emptied, leaving behind few die-hard activists led by
Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi and his Anambra CLO.
In 2004, the Ngige camp, represented by one Emeka Ngige, SAN, wrote the
national leadership of the CLO, asking it to disband the Anambra CLO?s
leadership, so that his camp can easily clamp on its leader, Comrade
Emeka Umeagbalasi and send him to jail on ?sedition charges? or any other
spurious criminal charges. An administrative secretary attached to the
Enugu zonal office was procured to hand in spurious indictable report to
facilitate the Anambra Branch?s ?disbandment?. When the national
leadership of the CLO stood its ground and rejected the spurious memo of
the said admin staff, the Ngige camp opted for libel litigation,
whereupon he sued in his personal capacity.
On March 15, 2006, the Enugu Division of the Court of Appeal, headed by
Hon. Justice Danladi Mohammed, with Hon. Justice James Ogebe, as the
administrative judge, returned unanimously, Peter Obi?s sacred mandate
and ordered Dr. Chris Ngige, who was the then interloper governor out of
office. During the 27 months (May 2003 to August 2005) proceedings at the
tribunal, Dr. Chris Ngige?s camp called 525 witnesses as against Peter
Obi?s 45. The Anambra CLO wrote over 72 petitions and press releases in
the course of the electoral mandate recovery advocacy and faced several
threats of elimination from Dr. Chris Ngige?s camp.
Anambra Rights Community?s Pact With Peter Obi:
Contrary to false impressions that seem to have become a norm in Nigerian
culture, non-governmental organizations are not invented to serve as
enemies of governments, particularly popular governments. From 1839, when
the world first recorded NGO, called ?Anti Slavery International? was
founded, to the post second world war global NGO revolution, NGO serves to
make people?s lives and cultures better and refined by consistent
advocacies and constructive and proactive engagements with popular
governments in matters of good governance and people?s liberties.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch policies of ?dealing with
any government in power? in matters of human rights, for instance, have
been seminally challenged by many modern thinkers; on the grounds that
?human rights and human rights defenders fare better under popularly
instituted governments? than under those instituted roguishly.
Flowing from the foregoing, therefore, our pact with the present popular
government in Anambra State, which we labored to restore its stolen
mandate over seven years ago, is not for clannish political and monetary
gains like it is seemingly the case in Lagos and other APC States. It is
purely for proactive and constructive engagements or reasons. In June
2006, the then Anambra CLO leadership under Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi held
a meeting with Governor Peter Obi at the Onitsha GRA Government Annex. The
likes of unforgettable Barrister Chuka, obele-chuka and other activists
also attended. They told Governor Peter Obi in black and white that none
of them, despite being qualified academically to occupy any public office
including the AG of the State, was willing to serve in his government, but
to remain in the opposition to checkmate his excesses and point out areas
that need to be attended to, in the interest of the public. They also told
him boldly and begged him too, not to fail in governance so as not to make
voters disenchanted and lost faith in popular poll and government. They
charged him to ensure that at the end he leaves Anambra far more than he
met it. This hallowed pact has continued till date.
Generally, NGOs? interest in any popular government is divided into
?egalitarian partisanship? and ?libertarian partisanship?. But in
roguishly instituted governments, any NGO support or partnership with such
regimes is solely ?libertarian partisanship? oriented. Like in the
universal concept of human rights, where that of USA is referred to as
?libertarian? ( rights layered in selfishness or rights for only American
citizens and death for others) as against Europe?s ?egalitarian rights? or
rights for Europeans and non-Europeans alike; our ?partisanship? interest
in the Government of Anambra State is purely ?egalitarian? or public
interest for public good as against parochial interest for private pockets
(libertarian partisanship), which seems to be the order of the day in
Lagos and other APC States.
Our popular website ( contains series of attacks
against some policies considered anti people and unpopular formulated and
implemented by the present popularly elected Government of Anambra State.
This includes malicious demolition of suspected criminal properties
outside court pronouncements, imposition of death penalty on suspected
kidnappers, smokescreen security policy of ?arming kidnappers, assassins
and? armed robbers of?tomorrow?, using monstrous vigilantism, creation
and maintenance of militant entities for collection of revenues, to
mention but a few. Our popular website is a guide.
It is correct to say that nine-nine percent of followers and other people
who left Mr. Peter Obi today, left because of his insistence that public
money is not meant for private pockets, but for public good. This, they
tagged ?misery? or ?frugality?. One of the secret campaign weapon
reportedly employed by the opposition parties and their candidates for the
November 16, 2013?governorship poll, who may include the APC and its
candidate, is a promise to key public figures that such frugality culture
will be a thing of the past if put into office. In the past civilian
regimes in Anambra State, from 2003 to 2006; be they illegal or
disastrous, senators and house of reps members from the State were paid
N500, 000 and 250,000 each respectively, at every month end from the
State?s meager allocations; using highly inflated security votes. The
State Assembly members then routinely fight over ?jumbo pay packages?.
A certain former number two man received N10million, likewise other
political god fathers. Monies meant for the execution of federal projects
in the State, now get into the hands of contractors directly, unlike in
the inglorious past when over half of them were shared by federal
politicians and their cronies, warranting constructing roads using shovels
and head pans. The difference in the quality and pace of work at the
ongoing reconstruction of the Onitsha-Enugu Dual Carriage Way as in
Anambra and Enugu portions is a clear case in point.
Today, neither Emeka Umeagbalasi, nor Justice Ijeoma, Aloysius Emeka Attah
and other key figures in Anambra Rights Community, has any empty plot or
developed plot in Onitsha or any part thereof. While Comrade Aloysius
Attah does professional journalism to keep family going, Emeka
Umeagbalasi, though measured in Criminology & Security Studies, remains a
buyer and seller at the Bridgehead Market in Onitsha and still resides
where he parked in 20 years ago. Comrade Justus Ijeoma sustains his law
program in the university and his family with petty contract business
including managing the restroom of the Tools & Allied Market in Onitsha on
contract basis.
Therefore, the reported creation of a CSOs? liaison office by a certain
State Government that distributes N100million or there about to them
monthly with instant increases in crises times, should? not be used to
judge situations in other Nigeria?s boundary climes. This is because the
two approaches are different and are rested on the premise of ?libertarian
partisanship? versus ?egalitarian partisanship?.

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