Intercessory prayers needed for Ghana to survive economic turmoil – Archbishop

    Bishop Schambach Amaniampong
    Bishop Schambach Amaniampong

    The Most Rt. Rev. Schambach Opoku Amaniampong, the Presiding Archbishop of Schambach International Ministerial Council (SIMC), says intercessory prayers are needed for God to help the nation to survive the economic turmoil.

    Archbishop Amaniampong said the clergy were to be the bearer of hope and encouragement with the Word of God.
    Engaging the media after the 33rd graduation and ordination ceremony of the Schambach Theological College (STC) to usher 30 graduates into four dimensions of the ministerial business of God, Archbishop Opoku Amaniampong advised the clergy to support the nation in these difficult times with prayers rather than aggravating the situation with comments which tend to plunge the country into chaos.

    He said men and women of God, especially the prophets, should be circumspect in divulging revelations about individuals and the nation, which would bring fear and panic in homes and the country.

    “I am always careful in delivering any prophecy God has revealed to me about the country. I handled the message with wisdom because one revelation can bring chaos to the nation. I will use this occasion to advise all men and women of God in this country that at this point, Ghana needs prayers for God to help us out of this predicament.”

    “We should not say things that will bring calamity into the country. We are already experiencing hardship we need God’s intervention,” Archbishop Amaniampong said.

    Archbishop Amaniampong said that the Schambach Theological College (STC) to change the narrative about the business of the Kingdom of God has been training many Pastors, Prophets, Rev. Ministers and Apostles to begin God’s work with the fear of God, intensive prayers, obedience and humility.

    He mentioned that the vision of Schambach Theological College was to help men and women of God to carve a good name and do things which were upright before God and mankind.

    He also said that Schambach International Ministerial Council was set up to help upcoming men and women of God without fathers in the Kingdom business with advice and direction to change the fake prophets’ tag hanging on the prophetic ministry and other ministries.

    “Most of the fake or wayward pastors and prophets do not have fathers to monitor, advise and mentor them. We also have many fathers in the body of Christ in this country that if you are new in the face of the Kingdom of God, you cannot go to their end”.

    “…God gave me this vision 20 years ago that I should set up this Council to bring sanity into the prophetic ministry. I have been a prophet for three decades and I have never scammed or engaged in any amorous act with people’s wives or any woman.

    The College has trained about 15,000 leaders including Archbishops and Bishops in the work of God both locally and internationally.

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    1. It is sad that people believing in such a crap.
      That is why african countries can’t develop and will never develop.
      Believing in the two thousand years old lies of religions and believing in whitchcraft, erodes society, stultifies the population and makes positive development impossible.


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