Interconnect Clearing House Will Collapse Ghanaian Telecoms-WASPAG


President of the Wireless Application Services Providers of Ghana (WASPAG) have told Citi Business News that the creation of the interconnect clearing house would collapse Ghanaian companies operating in the Telecom sector.


?In the telecom space, Ghanaian companies are only involved in valued added services and internet services. Everything else has been sold to multinationals. We are working hard to maintain a foothold in the industry and believe our regulator should also be seeking the interest of these Ghanaian companies.?’

WASPAG together with Ghana Internet Services Providers Association, the Telecom Chamber petitioned parliament over the National Communications Authority (NCA)?s move to implement the interconnect clearing house next year.
An interconnect clearing house is an independent entity that provides a common platform of inter connectivity for the exchange of traffic or data amongst multiple telecom operators in a jurisdiction or locality.
President of the Wireless Application Services Providers of Ghana Ishmael Yamson has been speaking to Citi Business News after a meeting with the parliamentary select committee on communication says there should be multiple clearinghouses for service providers to have options and the typical benefits of market competition instead of the monopoly the NCA wants to create to increase the cost of operation

?Now you can?t tell me you are creating an interconnect clearing house to protect the Ghanaian industry, if that clearing house damages the self same Ghanaian businesses. We will promote local content with one company, the proposed clearing house, while damaging 27 Ghanaian value added service providers and 24 Ghanaian internet service providers. How does creating one and destroying 51 make sense? The NCA must make more of an effort to provide clarity on the matter and engage with WASPAG and GISPA. The NCA must be prepared to demonstrate to these Ghanaian associations the benefits they believe will accrue to the Ghanaian industry. So far they have made little effort to engage with us to address our concerns.?

President of WASPAG told Citi Business News that two days after a public engagement with the NCA they have had one meeting with WASPAG to take on board their issues. At the said meeting NCA assured WASPAG they would write with responses to the concerns that WASPAG had raised in the meeting. According to WASPAG they haven?t heard from NCA and there are so many in balances in what is being offered on the table.


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