International Abortion Day scheduled for September 28

International Safe Abortion Day is coming up on September 28 - have a look at what advocates in your region are doing


This year’s theme for International Safe Abortion Day is:

Abortion is not a crime!

We are campaigning on four priority issues this year.

1) Abortion out of the criminal law:

Abortion is in the criminal law in almost every country of the world and women and abortion providers can still be prosecuted or threatened with prosecution, even if it hasn’t happened for years.

2) A moratorium on prosecutions

Removing abortion from criminal law will take time, but we are calling for a suspension on prosecutions of women and safe abortion providers. Surveys in many countries show that very few people, even among those ambivalent about abortion, want to see anyone go to prison for it.

3) Release all prisoners

Up to one in three women will have an abortion in her life. In Rwanda, studies have shown that 25% of female prisoners were jailed for having an abortion. In El Salvador, women are jailed for homicide after suffering miscarriages or stillbirths. No woman should be in prison for having had an abortion.

4) Universal access to safe abortion

In 1994, the International Conference on Population & Development agreed that unsafe abortion was a serious public health problem. Yet, since 1994, around one million women are estimated to have died from complications of unsafe abortion.

Every woman with an unwanted pregnancy should have the right to a safe abortion, without discrimination, barriers or restrictions.

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