International Day of the Boy Child Marked in Tema Metro

Picture Ii Tma Social Boys Celebration
Picture Ii Tma Social Boys Celebration

The Tema Metro Education Directorate, in partnership with the Tema Metropolitan Assembly’s Gender Desk, has joined in the observation of the International Day of the Boy Child on May 16, to remind the global society of its collective guilt in ignoring the boy-child.

The day is also marked to reflect on the hazards of neglecting the boy-child and to take concrete steps to address boy-child neglect. It is also a demand to protect boys in the same way that girls are protected.

Mr. Pious Tay, Tema Health Director and a mental health officer, commented on the theme “Boys and their Mental Health” that boys play a crucial role in society, schools, and the nation at large.

He said that, while the volume of mental health life-threatening emergencies may not be as large or as great as other health issues, it was one of the most important health issues for everyone.

“Mental health is a component of health that requires special attention and should be the top priority for the boy child,” he stated.

According to Mr. Tay, technical advancements in education, health, and other fields may not mean much to a boy child who is mentally ill.

He went on to say that various difficulties in our homes, schools, and communities may confront and jeopardize boys’ mental health and well-being.

“Boy defilement, assault, rape, sexual abuse, and other forms of child abuse can have a negative impact on a boy’s mental health and psychological well-being,” he stated.

He added that boys required to concentrate in class, and as such, if the child was unable to focus on their academics continually, he may be mentally ill.

Mr. Tay said the psychological and mental health of the boy child was the responsibility of parents, teachers, the community, and the nation.

He advised boys to talk to their parents, teachers, and trusted seniors if they were abused or assaulted, or if they observe any changes in their mental and psychological well-being.

Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a university lecturer from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, founded the International Day of the Boy Child in 2018.

It focuses on boys’ well-being—their desires to be happy, healthy, and valued members of their family and community.

Dr. Teelucksingh wrote to government officials and non-governmental organisations to observe the 2023 International Day of the Boy Child, saying, “On the media, there are regular incidents in which young, misguided boys and teenagers are involved in crime and violence.

“It is obvious that if a boy child is neglected or fed a diet of hatred and violence, he will grow into a misguided and confused teenager. To save the boy child, there is an urgent need to focus on the family and school.”

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