Home Entertainment Introducing “SEX” by Soundsbysdl: A Fusion of Abuja and Accra Underground Scenes

Introducing “SEX” by Soundsbysdl: A Fusion of Abuja and Accra Underground Scenes

Sex Cover
Sex Cover

This groundbreaking album transcends borders, seamlessly merging the vibrant sounds of the underground music scenes in Abuja and Accra.

“SEX” Features Two Distinct Sides. Side A, with an electrifying and upbeat rage, Side A pulsates with energy, showcasing the raw intensity of the underground scene. Featuring a lineup of talented artists including L1trendsetter, Ya ROE, Kwelit, Jaleel Thomas, Usan-JT, Danny Montanna, Javan Santana, Trap KYD, and Siient Parker, Side A immerses listeners in a whirlwind of captivating beats and impassioned lyrics.

Side B: As the journey unfolds, Side B offers a tranquil and mellow atmosphere, serving as the perfect counterpart to the high-octane energy of Side A. Artists MASK MO, Kwelit, Micky wrecks, L1trendsetter, KOMÉ, Tyler-Leigh, Rezzyvfm, and Ruch Sensei contribute to this soothing sonic landscape, inviting listeners to unwind and reflect.

Adding to the album’s allure is a bonus track from the esteemed Ghanaian group AD20. Their contribution enriches the album with authentic Ghanaian flair.

“SEX” was executively produced by the talented Kwelit and curated by Jodye SDL, ensuring a seamless fusion of musical styles and influences from both cities. It marks a historic moment in music, as it becomes the first album to merge the underground scenes of both Abuja and Accra. Soundsbysdl invites music enthusiasts worldwide to join in the celebration of this unprecedented fusion of cultures and sounds.

Listen Here https://lnkfi.re/qzUyXSeH

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