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Iran deadly protest: religious misinterpretation and western hypocrisy

Conscience is the Solution Beyond the Divide over Woman:
One part of the world seems to give too much dangerous rights to women, while another seem to curtail her rights or respite? Can Africa or Asia teach them, or at least learn to avoid their extremes? The Christian leaning western world have largely abandoned Christianity and revamping matriarchal culture that is closer to misandry (men hating)leaning. A big chunk of The Arab world grossly misinterpret Islam of Koran and Conscience, they instead lean on questionable hadiths and so called scholars than the recommended Conscience uplifting in ch.91 of the Koran. The hypocritical mainstream western media and governments are often making it worse, through lies and not echoing truth. A decent Conscience demands public dress code in public places, but we need conscientious dress code with broad consideration, not imposing one religious dress code. Still, Mandatory head covering of Iran is better than Mandatory uncovering of France and Quebec+?
Whereas many Iranians do not even see themselves as Arabs, because they had/have their own languages and cultures different from Arab and Arabic. Islam and proximity to Arabs have them in a situation of decision. They and all Muslims must learn to interpret the Koran Conscientiously and use Conscience where the Koran does not have a stand or recommendation. These deadly protests in Iran over laws about the veil shows how mistaken some scholars are. Their dress code laws are not in concurrence with the Koran, nor with Conscience, nor with sunnah (practice of the prophet); so they are likely based on scholarly interpretation or very questionable hadiths (sayings).
It is very important to understand not every ‘forbidden’ thing in the Koran is punishable by humans. This is precisely why a wide range of ‘personal sins’ are condemned in the Koran,  but no kind of punishment is mentioned in such regards. For example, eating Pork, drinking alcohol,  and many things are condemned with no recommended punishment and prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never punished anyone over them, to the best of my knowledge. The prophet lived peacefully with Jews who drank alcohol,  with Atheists who ate pork or not dressed like ‘Islamic dress code’,.. etc. Both tolerance and patience will demand accommodating others in reasonable ways. So when Omar (pbuh) reportedly asked Muhammad (pbuh) to ask his wives to dress properly in public, he was speaking conscientiously and God being the inspiring One revealed some Verses that sought ‘honor’ or more for our men and women, not just the wives of the prophet. Thus came the Koranic Verses with dress code as recommendation and without penalties for those who break them, at least on earth or by humans. Indeed, public places demand public responsibility, so leaders can reasonably demand a reasonable dress code and measurably punish where need be. Obscene laws  may vary,  but exist in most places, including the west. To accommodate for Iranians+ Christians and others, I will not recommend mandatory head dress (veil) , but will support specific gender neutral laws that forbid certain exposures, especially for the sake of the children and teenagers.
We must understand dress code is for consideration purpose, consideration for the average reasonable men and women, not the weakest or strongest ones. You cannot tell me after making love to your wife or xyz at home, seeing the hair of another woman in public will make you or the angels horny. Certain exposures will certainly send the average men staring and the inconsiderate women may not just enjoy the attention,  they may indifferently ignore the harm they will do to teenagers and children, or weak men to under appreciate their spouse towards divorce and the effects on children.  So any honest secular mind who understands how a human mind works will agree we need public dress code beyond television. The worst of women seem to control the west, and the type of semi men who support their endless inconsistent claims as rights are often against the children, but they rejoice over the emotional or mental pain of men. The weak men who are greedy over women or try to over protect women should try assuring men are sexually served, and many men will then have reasonable self control. Let humans easily access sex than average animals, but teach them truthfully about it. So scraping a culture of dowry by explaining Islam allows zero to xyz dowry to see if the conscientious Muslims will choose zero than atheists and  Christians, or the greedy women will tempt many to see who offers the biggest dowry? Legalising marijuana worldwide will tame many women + from greed and the wisdom it comes with will remind them truth like God is sexually doing favor to both. Again, even those who claim marijuana is an intoxicant must be reminded, the Koran or decent Conscience does not give you the right to punish the alcohol that is explicitly mentioned in the Koran, so the claims of possible misinterpreters cannot warrant punishing what may be Implicitly condemned.
Although Iran is not the only country with questionable Islamic laws, their size and how the u.s wrongly targets them put them in very difficult situations. There is no question u.s is likely encouraging bad elements there, some of whom want asylum in the west or just mistaken. The u.s is already placing more sanctions over the death of a detainee, before a full fledged investigation? Coincidently, the media is reporting how the u.s department of Justice  under counted almost 1000 police custody deaths in 2021. Think about what they reported and add about 1000 under reported deaths.  So percentage wise, the u.s may very much  be among the worst countries on death through police and/or police custody, and may want months of investigation before forwarding excuses. I will never defend Iran blindly, but such sanctions are simply not helpful. They are obsession with punishment and before any meaningful investigation.
There are signs based punishment for sins between creatures, which can be done conscientiously based on eras and available options. A culture of cameras and reasonable punishment on sins between creatures is what I recommend for every state.  Let God judge personal sins, have patience on such, but advise the people honestly on such.
The western world hypocritically will ban or have cautionary adult only on certain exposures on movies you can avoid, but will allow them on the streets you and your children cannot avoid? We seriously need research and public dress code. Common sense and the Koran admits men are sexually weaker, except varyingly. We know advertisement have effects on minds and we regulate some advertisement. We are not trying to dictate your music videos, movies, etc, but we must regulate the streets and some other public places. If we scientifically study the brains/minds of teenagers, we will conclude ten weird sexy exposures will affect the mind of average teenagers… Thinking about sex too much is one problem, unable to have it is another problem, unable to focus on studies or work is another thing, etc. So I strongly back a conscientious dress code for school, work, and streets. The home is yours to decide. The fun world is a different business world where business owners can decide dress code , including optional partial or total Nude.  I am not oppose to one side of the beach being clothes optional as in Vancouver; you can go to the parts that may demand street like dress code, or the one In between, or the part where people are mostly naked. A culture of body cameras will partially regulate some public places. Let privacy be at private places. The worst of women and their men will ask you to look at the strongest men, but you should consider average men, teenagers, and even children, not just the raw desires of questionable women. Good women believe in decent dress code than many men. Ch. 55 says: ‘We spread the earth for creatures with spirit…’ So it includes different religions and even animals,  but ch.103 demands exhorting each other to Truth on sins between creatures, and patience on personal sins….
The western world wrongly punish men over mere accusations by women? We fire countless poor people  over claims or deny some contracts like Johnny Depp? We give arrest record over a female’s claim without asking who hits first, or evidence of hitting.  What is so hard in asking can one of you go to a hotel to avoid possible fight?  We enjoy humiliating men and God’s curse be upon anyone who supports these oppressive western cultures and laws. I feel sorry for the women in Iran+, but if they support the ways of the western world, then may be they deserve worse… Feel free to search for my article titled: Heard VS Depp: Guilty woman in a Guiltier Society  — to learn more about western gender wrongs, including statistics manipulation against men.
Africa is not perfect, but most of even Arab Africa  is not very abusive to women or men as some places. I know little about Asia, but they seem to be better than the west on gender balance. The mainstream western media will not be able to save the guilty women+, nature than social media will have the good women side with the good men and God will curse the liars and cruel ones, beyond physical cruelty.  May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn,  let’s work,  let’s have fun.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note: I once outlined what I called Showlove Trinity dress code for both genders. It specified at least 3 inches loose,  no more than 3 inches from the knees showing, 3 inches around the neck, etc. The truth is many of the politicians claiming women can dress any how they like are often dressed properly and so are their wives.  Political talk, hatred for men and Islam,  fear of offending some women, etc is hampering what we all need. Many businesses, from Big stores  to nightclubs have dress codes for different reasons. We can involve science and it may recommend better than my recommendations. All of humankind cannot win with lies, let alone a region or gender. Lies like abortion is about a woman’s body cannot stand when cameras show limb by limb dismembering of a baby. The percentage of abortions through rape, needed miscarriage,  etc are very minimal and should be catered for with culture of cameras and no sane judge or jury will punish a woman or doctor where decent Conscience will defend a resort act. I am not oppose to even early abortion,  but once a heart beats, society have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable from questionable raw desires.
We wrongly encourage teenage+ girls to be sexually abusive, mentally and emotionally. Countries like the u.s will call a 17 year girl porn star a victim and over punish men over such? We must reduce the age of consent in the u.s and worldwide to be around 13, maximum 15. Age of consent does not mean age to have sex, but age of responsibility,  partial or full. We must also punish teenagers who break certain laws. For example, if teenagers are not allowed in the pornography industry, we must mildly punish teenagers who voluntarily do such videos, just like the Teenage boy who sells crack or steal cannot be called total victim. They are partial culprits. Teenagers are neither children nor adults, they must learn responsibility or society will be in big problems.
African media houses have essential role to teach and influence a battalion through social media. The gender problems of the west are scary, so the Arab world are over avoiding such,  but some Africans are trying to import a failed system? Our task is to help rectify our children,  be they Arabs,  the west, or Asia. Africa failed on many things, but our sexual world is largely better and that does not mean we are problem free. Many of their problems started in Africa,  but we have lower percentage on some…
I love freedom,  but the number of women killed, raped or allegedly raped, living in fear, etc around the world, especially the west,  is very sad. May we never be culprits, nor victims.
Beside human cruelty, the west is seeing unprecedented divine punishment  beyond weather. It is vital for the Godly westerners to understand the crimes of westerners as a group has often being indifference than cruelty. For example, not even fifteen percent of u.s or whites ever owned slaves, but a much higher percentage were guilty through indifference and buying  ridiculous excuses. Similarly, a very small percentage of westerners truly support banning of head covering,  veil, not face covering. Since the law does not affect much westerners,  they indifferently watch and buy the ridiculous excuses like ‘they are indoctrinated to wear it by abusive men’, or ‘allowing religious symbols in public places is dangerous’. Secularism was never suppose to mean anti religion or free of religion,  it was suppose to mean accommodating to religions as Conscience permit. Since someone wearing a veil in the summer does not affect anyone,  except the arrogant dictators and false mind readers, may God give you hard winters until everyone of you wear coverings… The best of you who speak out, may God forgive them, especially in the next world. Even if you bought the lie that they are just indoctrinated adults, re-teaching through words is much more gentle than using the force of the law to psychologically torture adults. You said someone used words to convince them to cover up, you used words and failed, so you use money and other measures to force them on what they may not be comfortable with? The other claim that personal religious symbols in public places is dangerous does not  make sense. The state buildings can be free of permanent religious symbols,  but a person wearing hijab (veil), a cross, a Sikh head dress, a religious tattoo, etc can all be accommodated in a truly Secular state that understands ch.55 ‘we created the earth for creatures with spirit…’ The guilty Muslims who claim the earth is just for Muslims or marijuana users should be punished deserve karma in one form or another. Your financial wealth and human knowledge is very small compare to what the Lord has, and  covid 19 is one example that batters the richest countries and so called most educated and equipped doctors. Oppression is bad, regardless of Gender, race, religion, etc. If you refuse to ‘Exhort each other to Truth and patience ‘, you become loss, as per ch.103. You let them psychologically torture a woman for wearing a hijab, denying her working opportunities may be worse than the fine Iran or xyz may  wrongly impose. If she complies to your imposed demands for money, you are psychologically torturing her, but some of you enjoy torturing men, Muslims, and blacks. Since I happen to be associated with the three, some of you see me as the most dangerous person? The financial and sexual sanctions u.s+ personally meted on me are not forgiven and every citizen who agree with unjust government laws owes the victims, beyond mizghalazaratin (atom’s weight). May I Triumph lot more and free as many as possible.
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