The Yangshan port area in the Shanghai free trade zone. [Photo/Xinhua
The Yangshan port area in the Shanghai free trade zone. [Photo/Xinhua

Ireland on Wednesday launched its new trade and investment strategy, which sets ambitious targets for the country’s exports, foreign direct investment, tourism and international education.

The new strategy will deepen Ireland’s economic resilience and responsiveness in the face of highly changeable global conditions by intensifying the country’s business development activity in existing markets and diversifying into new regions, according to the Irish government.

Some of the key targets will include: increasing the country’s indigenous exports to reach 26 billion euros by 2020, up by 26 percent from 2015; generating 30,000 more jobs in tourism by 2020 and 5 billion euros extra in overseas tourism revenues by 2025; securing 900 new foreign direct investments in the period 2015-2019.

The key targets will also include: increasing the country’s international student numbers by 27 percent to reach 176,500 by the academic year 2019/2020; intensifying and diversifying 80 percent of indigenous export growth to 2020 to be outside of the UK market and maintain exports of at least 7.5 billion euros to Britain.

The Irish government said that the new strategy is a cohesive, whole-of-government strategy that builds on existing successes.

It added that the strategy is the successor to the previous trade, tourism and investment strategy, which ran from 2010 to 2015 and saw extraordinary success despite low growth in the global economy during that period. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/



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