Togo captain Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor was yesterday engaged members of his family in a clash over voodoo, cars and houses on an Accra-based radio station.

The lanky Tottenham Hotspurs striker called his family?s bluff after they washed their dirty linen in public, telling them to do their worst.

Sisters of Adebayor – Margaret and Lucia as well as a cousin Kudirah Alabi, niece Bukky Adeniyi yesterday made public their family issues on air when they visited Peace FM.

The former Monaco man?s family had accused the player of ejecting them and their mother Alice Adebayor from a house he bought for her in Togo.

Ade, as he is popularly referred to, made his intentions clear after calling into the radio program yesterday, stressing that he had had enough of his ungrateful family, having supported them in many aspects for years.

The player also accused his family of being irresponsible despite providing for them, including the purchase of two storey buildings in Togo, a house at East Legon, cars and monthly remittances.

He cited the disappearance of a $35,000 worth car he bought for his sister Lucia as a classic example.

?Ask my sister Margaret whether I did not build them a house in East Legon? And what happened to it? I bought my younger sister Lucia a car worth $35,000,
where is it??

Until the recent friction, the Tottenham striker remitted the family on a monthly
basis with hard currency, and flown his junior brother Kola Adebayor to Germany.

The Togolese international described allegations like making one of his sisters
(Lucia) quit school as unfounded, but admitted that they were not on speaking
terms on suspicion that they (family) had been plotting and using voodoo
(African magic) against him.

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum


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