How true or meaningful, the popular idiom / proverb is ‘make hay while the sun shines’ in corporate? Do plants and animals also follow the above idiom in their life? The truth is that, all the life forms do follow the above proverb in letter and spirit. The habit of ‘make hay while the sun shines’ hence may be linked to the evolution of all life forms in nature.

The above phrase / statement is not just a quotable quote, but is one the fundamental evolutionary principles on which the fabric of life is woven.

All the plants in the right season, shed leaves, flush, flower and fruit in order to maximize the opportunity. Unless they sense the opportunity in advance, their survival, propagation and procreation may suffer.

The opportunistic and true pathogens do make ‘their’ hay while the sun shines. They also know to recognize the opportunity and use it appropriately.

If, we study the evolution of animal behaviour, we can understand that, nature has favoured all animals with suitable features to ‘use/maximize the opportunity’ fully. The colour advantage of predators, cheek pouch in monkeys and cud-chewing adaptation of herbivores are some of the examples of the ‘opportunity optimization’ ability provided by evolution to animals.

How different is the above behaviour of animals or plants from corporate man? The biological need is the compelling factor in all animals and plants to ‘make hay while the sun shines’. In the case of corporate man, it is not the biological need, but ‘selfish existential’ need only makes him display such behaviour.

When all animals and plants contain and connote a positive meaning for the above proverb in their life, some corporate men attribute negative and ‘mean’ meaning to it. Another important difference is that, the habit of ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is instinct dependent in animals and plants, but in corporate man, it code his corporate talent or smartness.

Other important difference is that, in all animals and plants the behaviour of ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is limited to their individual need, directed towards the opportunity and never meant to score over its fellow creature, be it plant or animal. But the corporate men always display such behaviour against their fellow being to out smart or outwit him in the corporate ecosystem. All animals and plants use their strength or self belief or innate ability to gain support from the above behaviour, but the corporate man, use his inability and inefficiency to support the above habit.

Make hay while the sun shines as you cannot make hay during a rainy day. Let the collective wisdom of your corporate prevail over self gratification.

Articles by S. Ranganathan, Dr.

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