Is Kuko Anyidoho on his Period or just being Senseless?


The Director of Presidential Communication Team under the late President Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, Kuko Anyindoho,?may be?suffering from a very painful menstrual period. This young?man with a dangling potbelly has never proved his worth as a presidential staffer. He was always on the news exhibiting his utter ignorance or carrying himself about as an NDC tin god. With his mouth as big as his kwashiorkor-like belly, he went on air to attempt to usurp President Mills’ powers. He summarily dismissed the Ashanti Regional Head of Ghana Electricity Corporation when there was power outage at the Baba Yara Stadium during an international match.



In a nutshell, Mr Anyidoho acted on his own powers without the knowledge of the President though he had initially announced the decision was coming from the President. Mr. Anyidoho?could?never sack the Regional Head of Ghana Electricity Corporation as intended.



To proceed?further, Koku is now finding his voice after the above incident forced him out of limelight. Every sensible person will agree with me that Koku would normally come out?more sensible but he is not. In?a vain attempt to rubbish Nana Dankwa Akuffo-Addo’s educational policy on?free Senior High School education that?has electrified the Ghanaian public, Koku Anyidoho?has once again portrayed his irredeemable ignorance.



He asks if a student will walk into a dormitory to find free “chop box”, free “trunk” and the female students supplied with free sanitary pads when they are on their period, under the proposed free SHS education. How senseless?can Koku Anyidoho be by?such a stinking question? Free education does not necessarily mean the government will supply you with the things he has enquired?to know.?He needs to be real and cease portraying himself as the usual fool with such preposterous questions. It is simply a vain attempt by him to derail Nana’s policy.



We are not living on planet Mars where maybe sanitary pads are supplied free of charge. If he had not stolen that much money, aided Alfred Agbesi Woyome to dupe Ghana, and involved in or defended fraudulent payment of judgment debts to fraudsters, yes, we could have provided his niece? with free monthly sanitary pads.



I think Koku Anyidoho is suffering from hot flashes from a painful menstruation himself. If that is the case, then I will personally volunteer to supply him free sanitary pads on condition that he ceases to involve in graft.



Rockson Adofo

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