President John Evans Atta Mills
President John Evans Atta Mills

Fanatics and sycophants of our much touted Asomdwehene have been falling headlong over themselves to see which of them could heap praises on their ‘god’ and leader of their Bitter Ghana Agenda. I don’t begrudge them. After all, I take strong exception to their habit of attributing the characteristics of God to the juju ring wearing President.

But one thing is certain. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Because of such hypocritical praises that are being heaped on him, our juju ring wearing President forgets that he is a human being. He sees himself as a god who must be obeyed. Gradually all the evil traits of dictatorship have found their way into his system and the President, who some few years ago, (as revealed from impeccable sources) was a known “sadweam”  and who it is alleged contracted his cancerous disease from licking the sweet delicate parts of the women’s anatomy has a of a sudden turned to be something else.

But let me digress a little. This write up is of three parts. You have to read all in order to know the danger our juju ring wearing President and his cohorts are exposing Ghanaians to. I therefore crave the indulgence of my avid readers to take time off their tight schedule to read all parts. But I owe nobody any apology. I do not force anybody to read my write-ups.  It will be the height of stupidity for anyone to comment the thing is too long or boring. After you have a choice of either reading it on not reading.

General Sanni Abacha and Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olabisi Abiola:  Chief Abiola won the June 4, 1993 Presidential Elections which was annulled by the Evil Genius, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda. The former entered into a secret pact with General Abacha to sack the Interim National Government led by Chief Ernest Shonekan.  The understanding was that General Abacha would hand over power to him (Chief Abiola) after six months.

When General Abacha reneged on his promise, Chief Abiola went public and demanded that his mandate be restored to him. He went to one village in the remotest part of Epe Local Government Area and declared himself President.

He was arrested and incarcerated and charged with treason. He was given a “mercy killing” treatment by the death squad of the regime. A cup of tea was all that was needed to do the trick.

General Abacha and Ken Saro Wiwa: General Abacha asked Ken Saro Wiwa, a play wright, an environmentalist and President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) to join his government but the latter refused. That was a fatal mistake on his part and Abacha never forgave him for that. Some elders of Ogoni were murdered at a meeting on21st May, 1994 which Ken Sari Wiwa had wanted to attend but was turned away by the military. So, he was not part of that riotous meeting in which the Four Ogoni Chiefs were murdered. In late May, 1994, Ken was abducted from his home and jailed along with9 other MOSOP members in connection with the murder of the Four Ogoni Chiefs. In October, 1995, he and 8 members of MOSOP were tried and convicted of murder by a military tribunal. On 10th October, 1995, Ken Saro Wiwa together with his 8 co-defenders were hanged. Facts now available indicate that the murder of the 4 Ogoni Chiefs was orchestrated by agents of the Abacha regime in order to implicate Ken and others who had been thorns in the flesh of Abacha’s regime.

If I say Hitler go win the war, my mouth ibi gun? During the Second World War, one soldier was arrested in the Gold Coast for saying Hitler go win the war.  In his defence, he asked, “if I say Hitler go win the war, my mouth ibi gun?” He was acquitted of the offence and subsequently discharged by the White Magistrate.

The killing of General Shehu Yar Adua: In the mid 90’s, a Constitutional Conference was held in Nigeria. General Shehu Yar Adua who had been Obasanjo Chief of Staff during the latter’s tenure as Military Head of State President was implicated in a stage managed coup d’état, arrested and detained. He was injected with the Aids virus and died. And like Herod when it pleased him he proceeded to arrest General Obasanjo also. But the latter was saved by pressure from the international community.

I have gone this far to recreate the various scenarios to show that what is happening under the Mills’ Administration have a semblance of the very things that happened under Abacha’s regime. The only difference is that Mills is a civilian whilst Abacha was a soldier. Both are dictators and it appears the ghost of Abacha has taken possession of our President’s body and is wrecking vengeance and violence on innocent Ghanaians on an unprecedented scale.

Kennedy Agyepong’s utterances: The utterances were reckless and have been condemned by the party at the highest level. Beyond that, one must put his utterances side by side with other reckless utterances by other people. You could see the frustration of a person whose attempts of righting the wrongs of yesterdays were being thwarted by some powerful negative forces. In his attempts to let out his pent up anger in him, he lost control of himself and said things unbecoming of a person of his status. It was in response to pressure from well-meaning Ghanaians to do something about the seemingly unpatriotic attitude of the security apparatus in the country.

Change, a necessary evil: Dr. Kwame Nkrumah put it this way:

“If a change is too long delayed,

Violence erupts hers and thereafter

Not that man wills it

But the past accumulated grievances

Errupt with a volcanic fury”.

There have been genuine complaints about the helpless situation  the NPP finds itsel in their dealings with the various security outfits. The party has for long been complaining of selective justice against its members. We must remember that there cannot be any peace without justice. The NDC made that a campaign issue when in opposition. Why renege on it now that it is in power?

A cursory examination of the many by elections held under the NDC will give an insight into the point I am making here.

The Akwatia Re Run Election: NDC members demanded that Dan Kwaku Botwe, MP for Okere Constituency be ejected from the polling station where he was duly accredited. Policemen at the station told Dan Botwe that since the people didn’t want him there, he should remove himself from the place and actually supervised his physical ejection from the place.

At Akwatia, one Yaw Dankwa, founder of the Church of Satan and a convicted criminal was seen openly firing a gun in full glare of security men dispatched to maintain law and order at the place. He was not arrested, and till now, he is walking the streets of Akwatia a free person.

Killings at Agbogbloshie Market: A few months after coming to power, some NDC members chased 4 NPP activists all over the Agbogbloshie market. The ‘hunted’ decided to escape from the hunters by taking refuge at the Police Station at the market, but just in front of the Police Station, they were cut down in the prime of their lives by the NDC activists. Till date, nobody has been apprehended and these “murderers” are roaming the markets as free men. When some NPP executives complained about the extra judicial killing of their members Rose Atinga Bio and the rest of the Regional Police Administration “arrested” the    NPP Executive members.  Even though, the Police were given the names of some of the alleged perpetrators of the crime, they have not acted on it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Atiwa Bye Election: At Atiwa, particularly Abomoso, my hometown, the place was unofficially turned into a war zone. It was here that Anita de Souza, NDC Women’s Organizer recklessly, wickedly, “capriciously” and “whimsically” ordered her driver to drive through a human barricade at the outskirts of the town resulting in the peeling off of the skin from the bodies of six victims.

Initially, she had sought to create the impression that it was not her vehicle that was used to commit that ungodly act. I sympathize with her precarious situation at the time of the incident. But what I detest strongly about her action was her insistence that she had done no wrong and that given a similar situation, she would do that again. Oh Anita de Souza, are you devoid of womanhood, to make such statement with reckless abandonment where human life is involved? Have you given suck to babies before to enable you know the pains mothers go through when bringing up children? Anita, do you have any human instinct in you at all? Or have you descended from hell where you rightly belong to wreak havoc amongst God’s children as the devil is bound to do in his last days on earth?

Let me even concede the fact that your life was at risk when you reached the so called illegal human barricade. I would have expected you to have issued a public statement after you had left the scene to a safer place.  You could say you were very sorry for the unfortunate incident and that when you reached the check point manned by civilians, you panicked and thought you would be lynched if you had stopped.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Human life was involved and it was inhuman to issue such a statement with careless detachment or abandonment. It reveals her as a person devoid of human feelings and carves her in the mould of both Lady Macbeth and Jezebel in the Bible.

Even if your vehicle kills a mad person on the road, you just cannot claim right. You will be arrested by the police. What every sane person would do under the circumstances is to show remorse and wish the injured people well. If she had done that, the people of Abomoso would have forgiven her.  But to publicly state that she owed nobody any apology because what the youth did was illegal is the height of arrogance and disdain for the sanctity of human life.

And I would like to re-iterate that running her vehicle over the people and making those callous statement was tantamount to committing genocide against the people of Abomoso for which we shall at the appropriate time bring up relevant charges against her. While the security forces did not charge Anita with any offence, the Police “invited” Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, Sir John and Frances Essiam to make a statement on some remarks they were alleged to have made.

Fred Agbenyo’s remark depicts him as a tribal bigot: On Thursday, 26th April, 2012, on Peace FM, Fred Dogbey revealed his true nature when he added a different dimension to the whole incident by saying Anita de Souza should have killed those six people at Abomoso because they had committed an act of illegality. Could Fred Agbenyo in all sincerity say Anita should have killed those people if the incident had happened in the Volta Region where he comes from?


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