Bernard Antwi Boasiako, popularly called ?Chairman?Wontumi?, the ashanti regional New Patriotic Party?(NPP) Chairman, has charged teeming supporters of the?party to direct their attention and focus at President Johnwpid-wontumi.jpg
Dramani Mahama?s ill-performing NDC government.

He stated that after successfully electing Nana Akufo-?Addo as their flagbearer for the 2016 polls, what NPP supporters?and sympathisers need to do is to pinpoint the bad?policies and programmes of the NDC administration to the?electorate.

This, he said, would help the electorate to make an?informed decision when they cast their ballots during the?upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, noting?that the NPP ought to intensify its campaign at the various?levels of society in order to win the polls.

Speaking to DAILY GUIDE on Saturday after the NPP?polls which saw the party delegates voting overwhelmingly?for Nana Akufo-Addo, he stated that the exercise was a?family affair and that the victory was that of the entire NPP
faithful across the country.

Wontumi urged the NPP supporters to put Nana Akufo-?Addo?s victory aside and rather marshal forces so that?together they could adopt the best campaign strategy and?oust the NDC administration so as to save Ghanaians from?severe economic hardship.

He described the 2016 presidential and parliamentary?elections as crucial, noting that even though it is common?knowledge that President Mahama and his government?have failed to deliver, ?the NPP needs to do more in terms?of campaign to win the polls.?

Wontumi stated that even though the NPP stands the?better chance to win the 2016 elections, electoral victory will?not be secured on a silver platter, stressing that hard work,?oneness, determination and total unity were required to?unseat this incompetent NDC administration.

The NPP chairman noted that among other problems,?most Ghanaian youth are jobless, businesses in the country?are collapsing due to the unstable Cedi, fuel and utility?prices keep increasing on daily basis, and parents and?guardians can hardly pay their children?s school fees.

He said supporters of the NPP need to highlight these?and other challenges in the country to the masses anywhere?they find themselves, adding that the NPP must waste no?time but commence its campaign for 2016 now.

Considering the rapid rate at which the NDC administration?is borrowing money, Wontumi expressed fear that if?the NDC administration retains power in 2016, the country?will be plunged into irredeemable mess. He therefore urged
Ghanaians to support the NPP to oust the NDC in 2016.

Invitation To Alan, Addai-Nimoh
The NPP chairman urged Alan Kyerematen and Francis?Addai-Nimoh, who contested and lost the NPP flagbearship?position, not to stay aside but rather come on board and?help the NPP defeat the NDC in 2016.

He reiterated that the NPP polls to select a flagbearer?was a family affair whose outcome should be put aside,?indicating that the NPP needs total unity so that the party?would be strong to unleash a painful electoral defeat on?President Mahama and his NDC in 2016.

Wontumi commended the entire NPP family including?parliamentarians, constituency executives, polling station?executives and coordinators for playing vital roles to make?the NPP elections a success.

He stated that he was extremely delighted over the?party?s determination to snatch political power from the?NDC in 2016, admonishing the NPP family not to relax but?rather sustain the heat on the non-performing President Mahama administration always.

From I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi


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