Is Your Income Tax Serving The Right Purpose?

Income Tax
Income Tax

Is your tax building the country? Ghana has suffered a lot of economic

crises under various party administrations, yet the solution is still hidden.

Students are taught theories to help save Ghana from the trenches, but our political leaders are at the oblique end of practicing these theories.

Considering China’s corporate tax system, there are allocations to low-profit companies, 

Companies involved in encouraging industries to be taxed differently. These manipulations are working perfectly because the systems are well structured to facilitate such activities.


We can agree that our part of the world (Ghana) is not part of the aforementioned China premise I stated in the past paragraph. Various reports indicate that high-class men escape tax with their big companies. They are left to go free yet 

The young and needy teacher is taxed even before his or her salary drops into the wallet.


It does not end the teacher is taxed on its taxed money whenever he purchases 

anything on the market. Is that not double taxation already? The water, food, and light are taxed yet

Our political lions are still not able to develop our country with such huge sums of revenue from our taxes.


Not long ago, our Financial ‘mafia’ Mr. Ken Ofori introduced a word, elevy which is also aimed at making sure that not even a single person escaped tax. but please let me know if it worked. Our lions are failing to be sheep, hence we must build consensus to foster development.


When we ask them, “What is our tax used for?” they tell us it is used to develop the country, pay government workers (nurses, police, firefighters), and provide amenities to our hospitals. Is that a true representation of the sermons they preach? 

They preach all these sermons yet our nurses are bleeding, yet our hospitals lack equipment, yet we lack good roads, yet our NSS personnel are still  suffering to survive even as they strive to serve the nation. 


“When you begin to school, you use pencil but when you begin to progress in academia you mature to use pen” this is to remind you that, for Ghana to begin to  solve economic problems, we need a pencil not a pen.

Engage the citizenry and build consensus.



I AM Evans Adjokatse.


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