Isabel Boaten urges students to challenge themselves to live extraordinarily

Ab David Africa
Ab David Africa

Ms Isabel Boaten, Managing Partner at AB & David Ghana, founding member of the Pan African Law firm, AB & David Africa, has urged graduating Law students to live extraordinarily and distinguish themselves.

“Each day is too precious to be lived anyhow. The priceless gift of each day, should jolt you into extraordinariness in what you prioritise, what you do with your career, how you love, your friendships, your family, and how you exercise your faith, whatever your religion.”

Ms Boaten gave the advice on Saturday during a congregation ceremony for 150 undergraduate students of the University of Ghana (UG) School of Law, Legon.

She said those who did extraordinary things were ordinary people with “a passion, a dream, an idea mired in feelings of fear, anxiety, expectation, uncertainty, and yet who claw their way up to do exploits even beyond their own expectation of themselves.”

Ms Boaten said such people succeeded because they believed that they could and were prepared to consistently do what it took to achieve their dreams.

“…We didn’t have control over the circumstances of our entry into this world, but we do have control over whether our exit is triumphant,” she added.

She said to be extraordinary, one needed to renew his or her mind and what was in their heart.

Ms Boaten said they should “root out” from their heads images of “jeer leaders and critical audiences who sit with crossed legs in your mind, telling you why you can’t be extraordinary.”

She urged the graduants to be humble and open to learning new things.
“Learning takes humility. It takes open-mindedness to accept a new way of doing things. Lots of people lose out of the opportunity to learn from the greats because they are besotted with opinions of themselves or are offended by a careless remark they can’t shake-off.”

“You want to be a great lawyer, live an extraordinary life? You need humility to learn, and you need to be open-minded. Your work colleagues – young, old, high up and down the ladder, your lecturers, your peers, your spouse, your priest, your parents, your friends, truly can teach you something new. But once you lose the humility to learn; you won’t hear them, you won’t learn, and you won’t grow.”
In a speech read on her behalf, Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, Vice-Chancelor, UG, urged the graduants to be guided by truth and integrity.

“Today, you officially close this chapter of your lives and move on to the next. Your hard work and dedication have brought you to this point, and having made it this far, even the sky should not be your limit.”

“I wish you all the very best. I urge you to proceed in truth and integrity in all you do, and make the University of Ghana proud. I wish you well, and once again, hearty congratulations on your achievements!

Ms Davina Seyram Gbedy, whilst delivering the valedictory speech lauded the University staff for the show of competence, especially in the midst of the challenges posed by Covid-19.

She advised her colleagues to hold strongly to the dreams that caused them to choose law and to think about all the wonderful ways in which the law could be a force for good and make their legal education count.

“What we will be, we do not yet know; but wherever we find ourselves, let us keep thriving in the challenges and joys of being alive. Let us keep contemplating on all that is true, all that is honourable, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is lovely and excellent. Above all else, let us proceed in truth and integrity.”

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