Isaiah Luke Saldivar on Overcoming Three Challenges to Become Your Best Self

Isaiah Luke Saldivar
Isaiah Luke Saldivar

Isaiah Luke Saldivar has had a truly extraordinary life journey. Only 30 years old, this California-born minister has undergone a mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation that has shaped him into the person he is today. Yet it was not an easy path, and Saldivar opens up about the three biggest challenges he faced that tried to hold him back.


Your Past Does Not Define You


Isaiah Luke Saldivar used to be an atheist. He holds a degree in theology and is a renowned figure in the Christian community. In 2011, he received a calling to the ministry and has not looked back. Serving as the senior pastor of a church from 2011-to 2020, Saldivar has spoken at more than 500 events and has expanded his teachings to social media. He is an active YouTuber who uploads videos and has 350K subscribers. He does not run from his past but is very open about it by basing many of his teachings on his extraordinary transformation. Saldivar is open and honest about who he used to be because it helped shape but not define who he is today.


Cast Out Negativity


To be prosperous in life, you must cut off toxic relationships. No matter your status, industry, or profession, it will be tough to move forward if you have people who hold you back. It is crucial to surround yourself with nourishing and supportive people, and this begins with yourself. Saldivar is well-known for his teachings on casting out demons and freeing oneself from bondage, be it spiritual or some other form(s). This is the same concept as cutting negative ties in your life. If you cannot do this on your own, ask for help to ensure you can find greater happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual figure; reach out to those you know are there for you.


Follow Your Heart


Isaiah Luke Saldivar realizes that people often take the road they think they should take instead of following their hearts. Or they give in to a family and/or social pressure and follow the path they are “expected” to take. While Saldivar understands the difficulty these people face, especially when family prompts it, there can be other solutions. The first step is knowing what you truly want, then efficiently communicating this to people. According to Saldivar, very few things in this world are black and white. When people begin to explore the shades of grey in between, this is where we can find the best of both worlds.


If you are interested in more of Saldivar’s guidance, look no further than his YouTube channel or popular podcast. This world can prompt many questions, and there are numerous people, like Isaiah Luke Saldivar, who are genuinely happy to provide answers.

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