Isreal PM refutes accusations


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday furiously dismissed accusations by former prime minister’s residence employees that they were mistreated by his wife Sara.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The accusations were published Sunday by Israeli media as part of a lawsuit filed against Israel’s first lady by a former custodian.

“The media attack on my wife Sara are another low in the attitude of a number of leading people in the Israeli media who do not hesitate to use all means to harm me and my political way,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.

“The campaign ‘Just not Bibi’ has turned into the campaign ‘Just not Sara’ – all in order to bash, besmear, attack and do all to overthrow the Likud government headed by me and to pave the way for the left,” Netanyahu charged.

“Just not Bibi” is the slogan used by Israel’s left-wing opposition to the right-wing nationalist premier, ahead of March 17 elections. Bibi is Benjamin Netanyahu’s nickname.

“Whoever wants to attack my policies in a matter-of-fact manner – is invited to do so. Leave my family alone,” Netanyahu said.

Several former employees have accused Sara Netanyahu of humiliating them and making unreasonable demands, alleging in one example a late night telephone call to one employee’s home to come back to the premier’s residence to warm up soup.

They charged that she would drink “considerable amounts of alcohol,” which would worsen her behaviour.



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