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Italian PM says Africa is not Poor a Continent


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has said  Africa as a continent is not as poor as it is perceived.

In a viral video monitored by News Ghana, Giorgia Meloni highlights that Africa’s trust in Europe and the Western world has significantly diminished. This loss of trust stems from the perception that Africa has been exploited as a continent.

She emphasises the necessity for a change in approach towards Africa. Pointing out that Africa is abundant in resources, including rare earth metals and raw commodities.

Additionally, she highlights that approximately 50% of arable land in Africa have not been effectively managed.

“What I want is to bring investment in Africa. Bring investment not to say we want to help. That is not geopolitics. For example, now, we have a problem in Europe with energy sources, But Africa is potentially an enormous producer of every kind of energy: Green energy, hydrogen energy, geothermic and gas.

In a world grappling with energy security and sustainable development, Meloni’s perspective underscores the need to recognize Africa’s untapped capabilities and engage in partnerships that leverage its resources for mutual benefit.

Why Africa remains poor

The African continent is undeniably one of the most mineral-rich regions worldwide, with some sources even claiming it to be the most mineral-rich. Africa is estimated to possess around 30% of the global mineral deposits, including valuable resources like gold, diamonds, uranium, lithium, petroleum, and coltan.

Notably, over 75% of the world’s coltan supply is currently extracted from Africa. Coltan is a source of tantalum, which is used in the production of cellphones, computers, cameras, automotive electronics, and weapon systems.

These African minerals play a vital role in industries that generate immense wealth globally. However, many African countries lack the necessary industrial capabilities to effectively extract minerals, particularly petroleum.

Moreover, even when minerals are successfully extracted, there is a lack of technological expertise to add value to these resources. Establishing refineries for petroleum products and other technologically advanced value-adding centers within Africa would greatly contribute to maximizing the continent’s wealth from its mineral deposits.

The way forward 

Experts say by assisting Africa in harnessing and producing energy such as  green energy, hydrogen  and geothermal sources and by establishing strong ties with Europe, a myriad of challenges  in Africa could be collectively resolved.

They advocate for a transformative approach—one that aligns the interests of all parties involved, shifts the dynamics of aid, and propels Africa toward unleashing its vast potential for the betterment of its people and the world at large.

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