It’s difficult to tire Rashelle Blue away from Nnasonka




Nnasonka is the female version of ?I love you? in Hausa.
Rashelle Blue who was born to Ghanaian parents in Hamburg, Germany and later moved to London and then the United States hardly speaks any Ghanaian languages. She has however set out to explore her roots and discover her culture through music ? hence her branching out into Afro Pop after doing R?n?B and Pop for a very long time.
She sang in 4 Ghanaian dialects ??Twi, Ga, Ewe?and?Hausa?in this beautiful song ??Nnasonka?which was produced by @Ephraimmusiq.
Rashelle looks to fuse Ghanaian and African?rhythms?with her R?n?B/Pop influences to create wonderful tunes that will put African music?on the map internationally and that is just what she is doing.
The London-based singer/songwriter has really challenged herself with this classic afro highlife piece which is definitely set to get people dancing and talking.
Check it out, like it, download it and share it!
Social Media Handle: @rashelleblue


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