It’s insane to spend the entire day in church – Kwaisey Pee

Kwaisey Pee
Kwaisey Pee

Hiplife rapper Kwaisey Pee from Ghana claims it is insane for people to quit their professions in order to spend a fruitful day at church.

The musician claimed that religion is destroying many people, particularly those in Africa, in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM.

Kwaisey Pee observed that many individuals have been so thoroughly brainwashed as to solely pay attention to the counsel of pastors and prophets while ignoring that of others.

After squandering valuable time at church, some churchgoers, according to Kwaisey Pee, go so far as to ask the men of God for money for transportation.

He also named a church in his neighborhood, where he asserted that services begin at 8 am and last at 7 pm. He called the action insane.

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