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The only continent with Rich mineral elements such as gold, diamond, manganese,oil, cocoa, ivory timber etc,yet instead of Africa progressing,we are rather retrogressing. We Still hold on to this African word UBUNTU meaning I am because you are.

Our leaders tends to appoint members of it’s political parties to position in government where some do not have the qualities to do the best but yet they do that with this “winner takes all slogan” and these individuals just slows the development of position just because he or she invested into the victory of the party.

Africa has been the dumping site for most Western countries. Our raw materials are given to them (whites) in exchange of a token or a construction of a clinic,bridges or some class room blocks , meanwhile if we are to add value to these raw materials it will employ many people, generate more foreign exchange and also would boost the development of mother Africa. I sometimes feel nature has regretted gifting our continent with these rich mineral which is being mishandled by our leaders for their selfish gains. A Chinese for instance will be given permit to mine gold, bauxite etc without any restrictions but when an ordinary African do this same mining its will be termed Galamsey because he won’t bribe a higher rank official..it’s so disheartening seeing a white

(Chinese I always use) owning huge Hectors of mining lands in Africa but it’s very had for an African to own a land overseas. They pollute our water bodies, farming land and maltreat their African employees and if a good Samaritan takes them to court for the betterment of our people, our own legal practitioner(some) will jump into the aid of these Chinese ( just because he/she has received a huge sum from the Chinese).

African leader (president) will allocate funds(soft loans) for young entrepreneur to invest into their businesses for easy livelihood, yet these monies won’t get to the real entrepreneur but party sympathisers who have no idea as to how to start a business.

Our youths comes out from schools with no job available and even those who are already employed too, salaries are not assured yet these same leaders pass “SILLY” comments about the youth who are caught in internet fraud and money laundering,how do they expect them to feed when there no betters measure for them?

I quote Those who have power have no idea and those who have ideas have no power . Prof Plo Lumumba

Politics in Africa mean to Amass wealth for oneself so people enter into politics just to make fortune for themselves and their families, instead of serving the people..

One of our biggest problem in Africa is lack of continuity of projects. Party A started this projects so if Party B completes it , credit will be given to party A and so projects started with tax payers money will be left to rot.. Again contracts are awarded to ruling parties members and so work like buildings, bridges, road are done shoddily since they know there won’t be any better supervision on these projects. Isn’t it appalling and disheartening when you hear an African leader allocating one hundred million dollars ($10000000) for a construction of a national cathedral whiles factories and companies are not enough,when students still learn under trees,when many town and villages share the same source of water with animals,when our hospitals are not enough and when the one we have are not properly equipped.

Above all a visionary leader will think of better shelter for it’s citizens,that’s very nice initiative and introduces affordable housing projects yet a single room self contain sells at( $17,069) equivalent to (ghc99,000) ninety nine thousand cedis. How on Earth do you call this affordable housing?? How can an ordinary teacher,trader, cobbler etc afford a single room for such an amount?? When a concerned citizen rises up to criticize these,they will say you belong to Party A or B

African leaders are seriously fighting this covid-19 pandemic because it is no respecter of financial background,yet CSM(cerebrospinal meningitis) cholera and hunger kill more Children and women in Africa more than any other disease yet our leaders doesn’t care because hunger virus I call it doesn’t affect the Rich so they don’t consider that..I stand to be corrected

Salutes to the sitting president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo and Our Ex president John Dramani Mahamah for their contribution to the fight of this pandemic
Am being a Citizen and not a Spectator

Jerry Gordon Kofi Tano
The fishmonger’s son
[email protected]

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