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It’s Time to Take it to The Next Level


This it! The Whole world is going crazy and you need to prepare yourself to go through incredible tough times for a long time to come! You need to be more tougher than ever to see these troubled times through ( See my previous article ‘When the going gets Too tough’). The whole wide world is fast becoming a tougher place to live in and you need to wise-up and man-up to keep up the pace.

In my article ‘2019: Time to disrupt the system!’ I warned that there would come a time when the governments of the world won’t be able to care or cater for all their citizens. That time is now! The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how clueless our leaders are when it comes to dealing with an international crisis. When this clears up its going to be every man for himself. Already the lockdown we have experienced has shown us how fragile our lives are: if you don’t have, you won’t have! The Rich with their vast resources will see this through whilst the Poor, with nothing, will perish! Mass unemployment that will result from this pandemic as a result of many small businesses going bust and bigger firms making people redundant will mean many people living from pay check to pay check will end up with nothing! Many countries will go deeper into deep depression as their economies won’t be able to cope with the fallout and richer countries will have to dig deeper into their reserves to keep themselves going.

Whether this is a cull of the human race, the forced implementation of the UN Agenda 21 or the emergence of a New World Order we are yet to see. But one thing is for sure, nothing will ever be the same again.

With very tough times looming for the individual it means if you can’t swim against the tide you will drown! Life now is going to be the survival of the fittest – and shrewdest!

To ride the storm out you need to take yourself to the next level and to do that you need what I call ‘PINTS’ (N.B – not pints of beer!)

‘PINTS’  is my acronyms for:

P – Power.

IN – Intelligence.

T –  Technology.

S –  Simplicity.

So you’re mentally disciplined and can stay focused and you’re patient and resilient ( from my article ‘When the going gets too tough’) and now it’s time to condition yourself even further to be the best of the best of the best till you end up being in a league of your own

Now to break down my acronyms ‘P.I.N.T.S’ :

1, POWER can mean any kind of ‘power’ but for the purpose of this article I’ll narrow it down to physical, mental and spiritual.

When push comes to shove if you’re only used to working 9 hours a day you might have to work longer and harder. The human body can take it and you can do it! It’s a simple question of pushing yourself to do more, as required. Working longer days, weeks or even months shouldn’t be a problem but an obstacle to overcome. Or as Tech Giant Elon Musk once famously put it ‘…nobody ever changed the world [working] on 40 hours a week..’. If you can push yourself to go an extra mile, you can push yourself to go 5 more miles or even more. What does it take to achieve the impossible? You do the impossible! It can be done. You can do it. I’ve done it!

And that brings us to the second ‘power’ – mental. If the resources are there and you don’t have the will to do it you are finished! A lot of people lack the positive mental attitude to keep going let alone the motivation to push themselves to do more. A lady once told me she couldn’t lose weight because she didn’t have the willpower to stop eating. In replying her I asked her if she would take another bite of food if I put a gun to her head. Her answer was ‘No’! Don’t wait for somebody to put a gun to your head – do it yourself! Be more positive and work on your mental abilities developing an ‘I CAN DO’ attitude because you can do it. You just have to believe more in yourself.

Now we move on to ‘spiritual’ power : a man who has no supreme being he believes in is a man with no hope. Ever since the beginning  of Time mankind has always believed in the existence of one God or another; a spiritual supreme being we can pray to in times of  trouble, uncertainty and calamity. And in return we are granted miracles( – not the fake miracles concocted by most ‘pastors’!) to help us when we least expect them. So keep up with the prayers and don’t forget your intuition. By using your intuition a lot more you’ll learn how to tap into a higher state of consciousness that’ll provide new information, an endless supply of new ideas and solutions to existing problems.

2, INTELLIGENCE – Only the smartest are going to be the ones who’ll prosper in the coming years. They’ll be the ones who’ll see the new opportunities, the gaps in the market etc. not everyone is born clever so now is the time to align yourself with those who are – thinkers, innovators, mentors – and learn to see things differently. Even the late Steven Jobs  wasn’t that clever: he surrounded himself with people more clever and intelligent than himself to make his dream ideas a reality. In our new emerging world contactless cards are going to replace cash, social media video networking will increase and most people are going to be relegated to working from home. Even in times of recession and uncertainty people are making fortunes. They are the smart intelligent ones who can see a brand new opportunity a mile away – be one of them!


3, TECHNOLGY – if you’re a technophobe and still stuck in the 20th Century its time to get your skills up to date. The future is ONLINE and whether you like it or not, or you are a conspiracy theorist, 5G is coming. I’m not going to go into the dangers of 5G Technology ( because I don’t know of any) but to say that 25 years ago it was rumoured then that if you used the then analogue mobile phone too much you’ll get cancer: a rumour that was debunked at the time. 5G is just a natural progression from the 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G digital technology we’ve been using for the past 20 years. We need new technology to be able to do the things we weren’t able to do 20 or 30 years ago. For those in doubt it’s called ‘progress’ so it’s time to get your skills up to date – or be left behind. If you and your business ( any kind of business) are not online you’re screwed!


4,SIMPLICITY – It’s time to keep your life simple and spend less for you never know how soon you are going to need your savings. With all the uncertainty going on you may not have a job next week, next month or even next year and the only thing you’ll have will be your savings. So it’s time to tighten your belts and forget about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ . Spend less and save more. Keep it simple: buy what you need and not what you want. The extra cash saved might well save your life when you don’t have an income. A Yoruba man will tell you to leave something on your plate when you eat because if you scoff everything there’ll be no leftovers to eat when you are hungry.


So now while the world doesn’t know what  it’s doing its time for you, the individual, to go to Plan B – a plan designed to see you through the worst of times and you can do this if you take yourself – and your skills – to the next level. When this all clears up its going to be a jungle out there and only the smartest will survive or as Albert Einstein once said, “ in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

And my personal motto for these very difficult times is simply “ I came. I saw. I conquered!”. I won’t go quietly into the night !

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat ~ May Fortune favour the Bold!

I’m on   Twitter: @Archangel641 or visit http://www.archangel641.blogspot.co.uk

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