Is Itz Tiffany not a lady with feelings?



I love Tiffany. I really do. But she?s trying too hard..way too hard. Negativity sells. Yes. but to afford this kind of publicity Tiffany is a very brave girl.

And really, don?t feed us with the ?she is a TEMA girl? food because in this her case that particular food is no more sweet.

I dont see the essence of why people should insult her of that tape. Well to me it wasnt a seks tape it was a kisstape.

It is rumored that this particular guy who leaked the video is her Baby Daddy.
According to her, the tape is about 5 years old and i wont doubt her because if you really know Tiffany now, you will know that video was recorded when she was no one. (I stand to be corrected)

Checking on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, i read a whole lot of horrible comments from people who think they are so perfect in this world.? Those making fun out of this, i dont have any worries with them because we all need to laugh at certain issues no matter how complicated it is but those condemning her, i just pray they never get in her shoes some day to come.

Truth is, seks is part of us now. And recording yourself when making love seems common these days. We all have our reasons why we record our seksual activities with the opposite seks but in recent times, if you have a recorded tape of you and your partner making love, you think you have the visa to blackmail him or her, guys especially. I am not encouraging that we should be recording ourselves when making love but at certain instances, we forget it can affect our image some time to come.

I have never recorded myself before but that doesnt mean i can prevent that all my life. Who knows? Most ladies love to be recorded when making love, what if i meet one and before entering her, she tells me to turn on my cam. I wont let her go because of that tape,?hell no, i will surely record and delete when we are done but thats not even necessary if she wants to use that against me because nowadays we have a lot of softwares to recover deleted,formatted or crushed files.

With my sister, Tiffany’s case, she insisted in the first video that the guy should turn off the cam as if she knows the dangers in that. She tried her best like any other lady will do to prevent her guy from recording her nakedness and thats why we have less than a minute video.

The second one, which to me doesnt have her face shown in the video is not even necessary to write about.

The latest one, where she was cursing the guy is where my problem lies. Aside whatever happened that generated the curse, i dont think that act recorded on cam is good for her branding but who knows how angry she was at that moment though she was laughing in the tape. And also, girls do more than crazy things when they get mad so lets just get familiar with that. She is human and not that perfect.

So here?s my first question, is Tiffany so perfect?

In response to the leaked tapes,?Tiffany is telling the world something like this isnt new to her and that, the guy is about to hit us with the worst. Something more talked about than the leaked videos i guess.

All am saying is, we shouldnt treat her case as a news. Celebrity or no celebrity, she is still Tiffany and we should remember its just something that can happen to anyone.

Below is the video of Tiffany and the guy on bed..

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