Alfred Agbesi Woyome and President John Evans Atta Mills
Alfred Agbesi Woyome and President John Evans Atta Mills

Credible information reaching me indicates that a certain man (name withheld) has had a lucky escape. The Woyomegate scandal nearly tarnished his hard won credibility and integrity. When that last cheque of GHC41 Million was fraudulent issued to Alfred Agbesi Woyome, that once cat-thief now turned a multi-million Cedi swindler, he hurtled to a bank (name withheld) intending to deposit it.  The expertise of the Banker instantaneously came into play. Even though Woyome owed the bank, they refused him depositing the cheque with them. He was told, “take your cheque elsewhere and once cashed, come back and pay off your debt” If the bank had accepted the cheque, the said person would have gone into his grave a tainted person without ever able to exonerate himself of complicity in Woyomegate crime. The quick reaction of the banker has saved the unmanned person from public castigation, pointing of accusatory finger and investigation into his conduct and or businesses.


Anyway, Woyome, the con artist, has started naming those that benefited from his scandal. He has so far mentioned Former President Rawlings as having received 500,000 Euros. He will surely come out with other names until he mentions how much President Mills received. Evidence so far divulged persuades me that President Mills has directly benefited from the fraud Woyome has inflicted on Ghana.


I can conclude by inferring from two statements made by President Mills that he, President Mills, intends to pervert the course of justice. Firstly, he claims unawareness of the payment of GHC58 Million to Woyome before it became public knowledge and topic of everyday discussion. Nevertheless, Betty Mould-Iddrisu is saying she made President Mills aware before effecting the payment. Secondly, President Mills says, “if the payment of the judgment debt was ordered by a court, then Alfred Agbesi Woyome, is entitled to the money”. He further directs the dubious Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) to investigate who is rather liable for incurring that judgment debt than why Woyome collected the money he was not due.


I really wonder if President Mills reasons logically. Has he such a short memory or has some sort of illness eaten away his legal retentive memory? His former daft Attorney General, a conniver and a politically incompetent entity, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, refused to challenge the dubious claim “Woyome the Swindler” made on Ghana. Instead of consulting former President Kuffour or Kwadwo Mpianim, the former NPP Chief of Staff, about Woyome’s claim, she simply said it was a bad case to defend. She never bothered to assemble any evidence that would counteract the false claims Woyome the Swindler was making on Ghana. By refusing to appear in court to defend Mother Ghana against the allegations by Woyome, the Presiding Judge awarded judgment in favour of the claimant. If Betty Mould-Iddrisu had been competent in her duties and not connived with President Mills and the entire NDC, she would have sought credible evidence and assistance from the NPP to challenge Woyome in court. In default of performing credibly or creditably, her bizarre action cost Ghana GHC58 Million.  Atta Mills had better live up to the wisdom, intelligence and legal astuteness Ghanaians expect of him as a President and a Law Professor than to mess around as a disgraced politician without moral ethics, intelligence and wisdom.


Everything indicates that President Mills was well aware of the payment of the money to Alfred Agbesi Woyome the Swindler before it became public knowledge. Why is he denying any knowledge of the payment? Anyway, while listening to the London-based Naspa Fm radio on Friday 27 January 2012, I heard a phone-in caller declare from Ghana his intentions to consult some named powerful deities in Ghana to perform ritual curse on both Woyome and his accomplices regarding the judgment debt payment of GHC58-92 Million. He said if indeed Woyome was to be found to have swindled Ghana/Ghanaians of that money, knowing very well that he had not personally signed any CAN 2008 contract with Ghana, then the deities must spiritually deal with him and all his accomplices. If this is the only way to get Woyome to refund the money he has stolen with the tacit support of some NDC functionaries, so be it.


President Mills though a walking dead, is also a complete liar!


Rockson Adofo

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