Programmes manager of Citi FM, Jessica Opare Saforo has disclosed that she believes Wisa may have planned his act on stage.

Speaking in an interview with broadcaster Paul Adom Otchere on Good evening Ghana, she recounted how she spoke with the artiste backstage and how he sounded so sure and confident despite it being his first time on stage.

Jessica further noted that Wisa also breached the agreement of him performing only “Ekiki Me” on stage. She added that the artiste decided to perform another song and even told her, he Wisa had a surprise for her.

“He was contracted to perform that song (Ekiki Me) only. Prior to him going on stage I had a little conversation with him. I said, ‘Are you ready?’ Because this was his first big hit. This was the first time he was going to perform in front of such a large audience. He said, ‘Oh yeah, yeah. I am okay. I have got a surprise for you’. He wasn’t just going to perform Ekiki Mi. And I said I was not sure about it, and he was like ‘No, no people like that song’, and I am like ‘Okay, cool, let’s see what you have”, she reiterated.

Jessica added that,she did not even see what transpired since she was back stage most of the time. According to her, it was the MC Tic Tac who drew her attention to it.

“I hadn’t seen what had happened. Tic Tac was a guest MC that night, and he was like ‘Jess, did you see what this guy did? He took out his, you know,’” she added.

After Wisa’s despicable act, Citi FM released a statement signed by Jessica, condemning his actions. Wisa Greid’s actions has led to a court case where he is claiming what he showed was a dildo and not his manhood.


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