god of hope
god of hope

“Tweaduampon Kwame, You are God, besides You there is no God. There was no God formed before You and there will be no God formed after You. You made all things and sustain all things with Your radiant energy. You are the only one God of the universe. You reveal Yourself to men/ women in various places over the ages according to their level of understanding.”

Permit me to start my treatise by stating certain basic facts of life. Whoever created human beings gave us the freedom to think about whatever we want and arrive at any conclusion we want. As long as whatever we think remains at the level of thought, we are insulated from persecution of any sort. We encounter problems only when we communicate our thoughts to another person or we take action based on our thought.

 In Akan jurisprudence, one is allowed to carry out certain actions and yet be insulated from prosecution. Such can be found in an expression like -"Akura se maka nnso me nnwee" to wit "the mouse says I have bitten but I have not chewed it up".  At the thought level one can fantasize and nobody can question another person's fantasies because nobody can know what we think about.

 Another basic fact is that it is God, who reveals Himself to men/women and it is not men /women, who find God. For example, when Moses encountered God as a burning bush and he asked Him about His name, the exact words He uttered - the tetragrammaton - was "ehye asha ehye". Moses being a Hebrew interpreted it to mean "I Am, That I Am". If I were Moses, and being an Akan, I would have interpreted it to mean: "I Am The One, Who Burns Ceaselessly". Nobody should tell you that my interpretation would have been more appropriate.

 It is because of this that I have argued elsewhere that the God Moses encountered as a burning bush is a Ghanaian. In that argument I postulated that God is a Ghanaian because it is only when you draw the map of the world and put Ghana at the centre that you get all your directions right, because Ghana is  the nearest landmass to the geographic point, where longitude zero degree crosses latitude zero degree. Again Ghana is located on the most stable tectonic plate - Gondwanaland and has the richest square-mile in the whole world.

 Let us get back to where I teed-off. It has been established that it is God, who reveals Himself to men/women according to their level of understanding and there are many instances that He informed prophets about His intentions. Humanity at this point in time, is generally agreed that we are in the last days and that God would soon come to judge the living and the dead. "The Mission Salvation" is ended ""The Mission Judgement" is to begin soon.

During His first visit His main purpose was to save humanity. It was, therefore, appropriate when He took the name Yeshua Hamashiac. (Yeshua means salvation and Hamashiac means The Anointed One.)

Now the task of bringing salvation has been accomplished so the name has become inapplicable, hence – Jesus Christ.

He has taken a new name that reflects His mission during his second visit. During the time of Roman Emperor Constantine in the third century of our common era, it had become established and incontrovertible that Yeshua Hamashiac was God because it had been established that He was seen going back through the clouds. It had also been established that He would come back to judge the living and the dead. Koran Chapter one verse four describes God as “the Master of the day of judgement”.

This is in tandem with the name Jesus Christ, which is an acronym – “J” stands for “Judges”; “E” stands for “Every”; “S” stands for “Soul”; “U” stands for “Underneath”; and “S” stands for “Sun”, whether you are a “C” stands for Christian; “H” stands for Hindu; “R” stands for Raist; “I” stands for Islam; “S” stands for Shintoist and “T” stands for Traditionalists. So the name Jesus Christ is the functional name of God.

The name Tweaduampon is His status name. It means “Master Of The Ten Ligers”. (A liger is a cross-breed of a lion and a tigress.

It is more powerful than a lion).

This knowledge is made available to you free of charge. Jesus Christ is coming soon. Before He left He told us that He would return. Accept Him as your Personal Saviour. Jesus Christ is the functional name of God!

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