Jesus Miracle Crusade Leaves Ashaiman Awestruck: Unprecedented Healing and Prophetic Power Unleashed!

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The city of Ashaiman witnessed an extraordinary display of divine power during the Jesus Miracle and Prophetic Crusade at Zenu School park. Defying all odds, the crowd swelled with thousands of fervent believers eager to witness the awe-inspiring miracles and prophetic revelations.

From instant healings of the sick and restoration of hearing for the deaf to miraculous recoveries of mobility for the crippled, and sight for the visually impaired, the three-day crusade at Ashaiman Zenu unfolded as a monumental testament to the powerful healing grace of Jesus Christ.

Overflowing Faith:
Throughout the event, hundreds of individuals experienced life-transforming encounters, responding to the altar call and embracing the teachings of Christ with newfound devotion.
An Unforgettable Night of Miracles:
On the final day, an all-night service intensified the spiritual fervor as an overflow of over ten thousand attendees filled Zenu School park, making it an indelible night of divine manifestations.

Prophet Kpegah’s Empowering Message:
Prophet Kpegah, drawing from the gospel of John and Romans, passionately urged the crowd to draw closer to God and forsake worldly desires, reaffirming that unwavering faith in the word of God leads to prosperity and success for Christians.

Holy Anointing and Heavenly Melodies:
True to his promise, Prophet Kpegah distributed anointing oil to every soul present at the crusade, extending blessings even to the children.

The night reached an enchanting crescendo with award-winning musicians Ohemaa Mercy and Jack Alolome gracing the stage. Their powerful ministrations paved the way for the Holy Ghost impartation, as the charged and elated crowd joyfully danced and worshipped, regardless of rain showers and cold weather.

Overwhelmed by Joy and Gratitude:
Attendees conveyed their heartfelt joy and gratitude in media interviews, expressing astonishment at the magnitude of the crusade’s impact.

One attendee exclaimed, “I am sincerely grateful and overly excited because I have never seen such a crusade in Ashaiman before. Right from the setup to the real deal, the experience was marvelous. Kudos to Breaking Yoke!”

Another added, “This is the first time this park has been filled to capacity, with an overflow unto the roads. I have lived here for years, and this is amazing.”

A newfound devotee shared, “I have been listening and watching Prophet Kpegah on TV and radio, and little did I think he would organize a crusade in Ashaiman. Today it’s live and massive. I have already written my name to be a member of the Breaking Yoke Ministry. This is how the gospel needs to be spread. I love Prophet Kpegah, and God bless him.”

The Call to Join the Army of Christ:
Prophet Kpegah, with a resounding call, announced the next crusade scheduled to take place in Tema Community 25 in September, urging all to embrace the spiritual journey without hesitation.

The Jesus Miracle and Prophetic Crusade in Ashaiman will be etched in the hearts of believers for years to come, as it showcased the unfathomable power of faith and the boundless love of Jesus Christ.

Elvis Washington Agyimanku-Journalist

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