President Obuor
President Obuor

Veteran musician and bandsman Jewel Ackah over the weekend vehemently expressed his disappointments at the president of MUSIGA Obour and also said Rex Omar, and Bisa Simon are misusing the funds of the union.

Speaking?to this reporter on phone, the highlife legend who?has 27 albums to his credit said he has no personal problems or whatsoever with Obour but really dislikes the way and manner his administration are running the affairs of the union. According to him he has lost respect for Nana Ampadu another veteran musician who he thought could advice Obour with his experience.
He is rather being controlled, accepting whatever decision that comes from the current administration because of the little money he will get. What kind of research is Obour doing? What are they doing with the money government has given to the union? ?This is the first of its kind the government has given us money. I was the interim chairman in 1981 and there was no money coming from the government. Sometimes I have to use my own personal money to run things for the union at that time.? Some of us have worked so hard for the government to recognized us, we?ve been fighting from the very beginning for government to make us part of his budget for a very long time. And now that God has being so good to us musicians, you pocket the money government has provided for us with just some handful of people? Some people have made their mouths like they know everything in the world.?And they just talk as if they know everything in the industry. Just look at what they did to Dr. K. Gyasi?? he asked.
According to him there are so many things wrong with the current executives of the union but it is not too late for Obour. He should sit up and advise himself. He also mentioned that even the president of the country has a council of elders that?advice’s?him on how to run the affairs of the country and these people are well experienced people who has the political knowledge to rule a country. He said Obour needs such a council too and it shouldn?t be ?whom you know? affair. There are people who has the Affairs of the Union at heart, there are well experienced people who can work very effectively with Obour and not Rex Omar and co. ?Who is Rex Omar? he asked.
He further noted that Obour?s administration has being the most privileged and successful in terms of finance as compared to all past?Administrations?but he is really disappointing me because I was thinking as a young president of his age, he could have that big dream of making the Union and the music industry a better place for both the old and younger generation. ?I think it high time the union gets supervised by the government or if possible put under the ministry of Arts and culture for proper administration in terms of transparency and accountability. Government has given you this amount of money to help boost the career of musicians in the country and then you just pocket the money with some handful of people without telling or making us know what exactly the money is being used or going to be used for. There are some individuals who are just eating from the coffers of the union without doing anything and like I said a typical example is Rex Omar and Bisa Simon? he added.
Source: Reagan (Flex newspaper)
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