Jihnack Historic Picnic or Festival for Black + Freedom: Jamaica, US and Nigeria are Guiltier to repent? 

Jihnack Island
Jihnack Island
If I am alive, free, and healthy by October 02 , 2022, I guarantee at least a historic weekly and monthly ‘4/20’ picnic or festival at Jihnack Island; if aided enough it would be super historic and will help legalise marijuana at the u.s federal level within months, plus many other countries towards worldwide marijuana legalisation. I will outline part of the strategy towards other world records we can help Jihnack achieve. Jihnack Island is a mysteriously beautiful island with World records that many blacks+ are yet to know,  because black media houses and black politicians are still sleeping,  while our black Entertainers and Athletes are barely acting, but talking and complaining till when? Our planned gathering at Jihnack  Island, on October 2, 2022, should be as International as can be. This means speedy information dissemination to every country, especially the guiltier mentioned ones; test those willing to repent,  and offer multiple approaches to freeing our people,  especially poor Africans in Africa. We had some hypocritical and mildly cruel cannabis laws when u.s+ lied; but as u.s under repent,  Africa is actually losing billions in potential cannabis revenue and pumping billions to the u.s+ cannabis industry. I will later show how is this happening,  but I want us to focus on how we can swiftly shift or stop the sad reality.
Let’s briefly say God has Given Jihnack Island World records in and beyond Cannabis, so let’s work harder and be honest along the way, as we try to set new ones. Jihnack Island is arguably the only Island shared by two countries in Africa or the world,  and the people live peacefully for decades without even one police station. Jihnack Island holds the world record of openly farming cannabis for decades , and got only one regrettable raid, and continue to be spared to possibly help the rest of Africa and the world? While many of you were constantly raided , Jihnackans were/are spared. The honest truth is Jihnackans need rescue,  because they lack knowledge and respect for knowledgeable people; they lack money and yet to understand how to partner up honestly,  so they greedily seek? Yeah! We are guilty people in Jihnack, guiltier ones are outside beyond the Gambia. Internationally,  guilty blacks also focus on the guiltier and guiltiest whites+ ignoring their black counterparts and guilty ordinary blacks than all people. OK, OK, OK , let’s move to the sweet possible solutions to gauge who may repent among the guilty Jamaicans+ first.
Fastest mobilisation and first Reggae Sunsplash Festival in the Gambia or Africa, with one to three Grammy Artists? Can it be 2022 or which year will it be?  If Koffee, Damien Marley, and/or the white group that recently won Grammy or some award were challenged on TV and other medium about out upcoming Event in Jihnack, who do you think will volunteer first at what level to make it happen? Altruism vs Excuses and timing are to gauge. If the White Group volunteers within a week of this publishing that they can perform freely,  but I or someone have to pay for their Air Tickets. Someone may pay or I can ask them to challenge Elon Musk, Jay Z, or LeBron James for funding. Damien Marley could claim he already have a contract for that weekend, but can he ask possible cancellation  or sacrifice a huge donation to fund Koffee’s cost? If Koffee starts it with,  ‘I  am coming to perform or just to attend at my own cost.’ Imagine what she can add or I can do to proceed with the event without raising the charges,  and now have the new burden of hiring a much bigger sound system, security, and other expenses. It may take a Jamaican media house or big social media influencer to share this article or vision to free Africans in Africa, beyond Cannabis. Can I pay for an Ad on NewYork Times about this upcoming event,  you bet I will try.
First Urban Music Repatriation for Justice Festival in Africa can be in Jihnack and in 2022. If Elon Musk or one pro marijuana u.s  senator or candidate is truthful and brave enough to say Rich Blacks need to also donate time and money towards black freedom… Let’s ask how many NBA , NFL, Rappers, R&B singers ever donated to NormL to help marijuana legalisation in u.s? Will ms. GRINER donate to us (Jihnack), Ghana or even  NormL? Did anyone of them ever donated one million dollars or will do so in this coming u.s mid term elections? I seriously think terrible Bloomberg may donate to NormL or Hemp Association of Ghana before Oprah Winfrey , Michael Jordan, and Will Smith. If master P truly wants change, let him publicly donate time+ to our upcoming  Historic Jihnack Island Event . He have the contact numbers of R&B singers, hip hop, and Reggae Artists.  We can get a sweet deal from Turkish Airlines or contact ten Airlines for at least two Air crafts from u.s, and one from Jamaica? Please consider the middle class who will gladly pay about one thousand dollars or more to visit the  island of world records, especially if we turn it to a festival.  We can tell the public to book either the Gambia or Senegal for flight ability and cost,  and travel by car/bus towards Jihnack.
Why are Ghanian media houses accepting me than Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and India? If Dangoteh cannot donate one million dollars towards freedom,  then tell him hemp buildings are unstoppable . It is the Responsibility of the Ghanian hemp association to contact or help create something similar in Nigeria.  If there is one trustworthy Nigerian who is pro marijuana legalisation,  then let us place some ads in Nigerian media houses, even if they publish this. ‘We are looking for Nigerian Musicians or Movie Stars who can donate time or money for freedom and movies better than what Nigeria offers now. Can the Hemp Association of Ghana (HAG) leaders publicly declare they are coming to Jihnack Island and/or place an ad that they are looking for sponsors, musicians, volunteers, and people who want to pay reasonably for this event? Can the Ghanian Associations in and outside Ghana donate to HAG or ONLY the Ghanians working in u.s+ hemp industry should donate to HAG? Initiating is higher love, but searching for the grateful is hard. One or two buses with cameras and mechanics from Ghana is save and worth trying.  Hire Aircraft, if you can write a successful gentle letter to Musk or Rich someone.
This will put Youssou Ndure,  Akon, ST, Jizzle, Rebellion Derecaller,  and other SeneGambian artists into Actions or excuse mood. Some will ask why I did not invite them first? Well, I have indirectly invited them to action for years. Secondly, we saw the problem together and many of them are scared of Jihnack or go there secretly for money, but may be God never gave them the idea? Refusing to contact me is the arrogance some are guilty of, I have to initiate and by when and how will they join? Don’t accuse me of wanting money, you can set conditions that if I make xyz profit, we must share the proceed. However, how much can you sacrifice now, because I am spending more than time, some poor SeneGambians may donate before the rich who make Cannabis songs that make them money, but the effects meant/ means our youths go to jail and you offer only words as empathy.? Sacrifice and think how we can directly confront the authorities. I want to educate the public about the benefits of hemp+, it cost money or the politicians will fear public reaction.  If we successfully do this regularly, we will immediately or gradually change public perception on cannabis.  I want to sue the states of every African country, especially Senegal and the Gambia.  If the Supreme Court of the Senegal rules in favour of Medical marijuana or hemp,  Macky Sall will not fight back, especially on a last term… The Gambia have private bill sponsoring for parliamentary approach, but it is very costly and educating both the public and lawmakers must take place for a probable success. Who will sponsor touring small Gambia and regular Radio and TV time to raise public awareness…? Who will sponsor a workshop to have Gambian MPs in a hotel to hear me, ask questions,
and vote for different private bills that expensive lawyers have to draft first? I fought for u.s, Canada,  and beyond without asking why no one mentioned my name or invited me first. If I have enough International Artists donating time, please don’t get angry if I say Jizzle, Youssou, or ST announce late, not allowed to perform. If an ordinary u.s or Ghanian bought ticket first, even my blood family members may have to wait, especially if they choose to defer where they should have led by example. People will come with or without SeneGambian Artists,  but you are surely invited and to donate openly or secretly.  Keep a receipt , just ask me not to mention you in writing and I will guard you or do I want shame. If you don’t trust me, donate to NormL or where you trust. If you claim you send me xyz and cannot prove it, I ask everyone to use verifiable means to mr. Jarga Kebba Gigo and any reasonable condition you may add. Remember ! Even Local Jihnackans cannot stop me, if God allows me. It will be a historic Picnic or Festival. A simple flyer will be out and may change as others confirm their coming. Is there a huge SeneGambian Sound System willing to sacrifice the mentioned weekend or at what cost? Or only after big Artists are secured? Well, I have a personal sound system for hundreds of people; my cousin have for few thousands,  but God may make it a festival of hundreds of thousands or millions in 2022 or which year ? Tell the human authorities to humble up and never try to stop me or God made Cannabis. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn,  let’s work, let’s have fun.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note: Black leaders at the political and social levels are at a very shameful situation on marijuana legalisation; the average black American and Africans in America and Europe are not much better in understanding the need to donate to organisations like Norml. They want my type to shut up or work alone, but they will want high paying jobs from the hemp+ industry without support who help create such? Some want reparations even before helping establish worldwide marijuana legalisation. If LeBron James or xyz cannot produce a one million dollar check he donated before ms. GRINER had medical marijuana card, then can he write a million dollar check to NormL
for the midterm  and challenge Michael Jordan,  Oprah,  Elon Musk,  Michael Bloomberg,  Dangoteh, Jay z, Rihanna,
Akon, Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Bounty killer, Nas, etc to donate billions and set up how to help  every country legalise cannabis totally,  or gradually. You cry how whites slowly repent, we are ostracised by our black families, from siblings to government authorities. Lucky for me is Jihnack is safe, but indifference is not my way. I see people suffer everyday due to lack of cannabis or due to harmlessly helping/hurting self?
Although the white ‘Bill Gates’ are making millions/billions through cannabis, the billions blacks paid in fine and public paid to Jordan+, private prison investment is down. Elon Musk is talking good,  but not acting like Marc and I for freedom. Marc Emery seems to be poor like me, but I am finally much healthier and seeing multiple multi million or billion dollar opportunities.  God seems to be with me, beyond countless laughs daily.  The truth remains money is an important part of this earthly life, so seek it measurably. Ghana,  the Gambia,  Nigeria, and many African countries have countless hemp products in supermarkets and pharmacies for rich Africans. Bigger than the millions through hemp is the millions or billions of underground u.s high-grade cannabis flower that Africa imports for our elite and tourists. Our mindless Politicians are happy with the millions through hemp taxes,  blind to the billions we are enriching the western farmers+ with, and blind to the billions/trillions we can make. They reduce us to consumers, where we should be producers than consumers. Some money worshipping ignorant poor Africans are sometimes the problem, but educating and controlling such is relatively easy.
Even old Artists like Shabba Ranks, Admiral Tibet, or KRS one can raise a crowd in the Gambia,  u.s, Ghana, and others for the right cause . Let the comedians urge and ridicule them where need be. We must defeat Biden, Sall, and Barrow,  at least on Cannabis. We can easily secure multiple Air crafts to pick up Artists and fans from Jamaica and u.s if we work together. SeneGambia is calling and Jihnack is the most ideal place to host over 50 great artists and I can make a speech that may force u.s legalisation even before ballot casting… Share with friends, donate, and try to come or sponsor who can. Move from wishing to acting in every sense of the word.
Take a sip of ‘Happy Healing’ or good cannabis,  and you can hear voices? Ms. GRINER and cohorts: ‘I cannot donate a game’s worth or ten thousand dollar to NormL, but how many poorer folks do? I cannot donate or urge others to donate to the Jihnack event, Hemp Association of Ghana,  Russians for Cannabis, or North Carolina for Cannabis Healing over Biden’s false empathy, etc is actions to words beyond GRINER. An Event is for learning,  working,  and/or having fun for the Godly. How many sick poor folks are arrested in u.s states over Cannabis,  and LeBron James won’t be notified by the media or they cannot think? After we remind them, how many quickly repent and donate on time to NormL and beyond. Part of Activism is educating the masses through expensive media and/or expensive physical travelling. This is why even born Africans in America must understand donating to NormL may be closer to donating to my Jihnack events or Hemp Association of Ghana. It is a global village, a u.s state legalisation helped Canada muster courage. So do not say my state is not voting for legalisation, donate to the states that are voting and to activists or groups around the world who are helping bring change. Split your hundred or thousand dollar as poor worker; and urge others to split a million or billion dollar to different countries and states. We need money and spending money as leaders for you to learn and get at least working opportunities… Bailing families can be lot more expensive, donate and pray never to need to bail anyone, especially over Cannabis. I think a Reggae, Hip hop, and R&B tour to states voting for Cannabis may help. Beside boosting voter awareness and turnout, part of the proceeds should be donated to Africans fighting for legalisation.
Second Optional note: The sad reality is the leaders of Hemp Association of Ghana (HAG) have expressed desire to come, but that their financial situation cannot permit them at the moment. This is very good example of questionable leaders and/or the people they are supposed to help. Raising essential travel cost money from the over thirty million Ghanians is suppose to be lot easier than the about three million Gambians. First, the HAG leaders have to believe they can learn from Jihnack,  myself,  or someone coming. Or they can come to teach us something and God help them go higher. After seeing the essence of pro cannabis folks learning and working together is vital or why the anti cannabis work together? Then the leaders of HAG must differentiate efforts from enough efforts.  Who to contact and how to sell the ideas are different. A rich Ghaaian who simply cares, the Ghanians making money through u.s hemp, the Ghanians in the Diaspora, the families of Ghanians in prison over Cannabis, the farmers who want hemp licences,  the artists who make money through cannabis songs, tour operators in Ghana, etc are all groups of people to raise money from. How you pitch it privately versus publicly is different.  Where as the Gambia has the advantage of small population to educate, Religious misinterpretations of mainly Muslims is as problematic as convincing politicians. The politicians are sometimes followers of public opinion,  very few politicians have the courage to educate a misled public. Ghana being mainly a Christian Nation, their alcohol drinking population just need scientific evidence that cannabis is helpful,  or not largely harmful as alcohol. Despite the specious achievements of HAG, their leaders must humbly learn and even try to teach others in other countries, but remembering the situations can be different. So all approaches should be pursued in Africa,  but the leanings per country may need to differ. If we could have gather the activists in Jihnack or somewhere every year, we can help each other much more. May we learn and be grateful.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
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