John Dramani Mahama Is A Sheep In A Wolf’s Cloths

To find out the killers of late Professor Atta Mills, vote out the NDC.


To find out the killers of late Professor Atta Mills, vote out the NDC.
The man is as sleek as the serpent. Like Mikhail Gorbachev, John Dramani Mahama is a sheep in a wolf’s cloths. Right from the beginning of his political career, Mikhail Gorbachev avowed aim was to destabilize the Soviet Union by bringing communism to its knees. In a similar mien, John Dramani Mahama’s singular ambition in life was to be head of the Ghanaian political entity

This cunning Mahama, right from the beginning began to put in place plans to help actualize that aim of attaining the Golden Fleece. Like Gorbachev, he pretended to be a “loyalist” of Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills. Rawlings deduction of “se aboa no beka wo a na ofura won tama” (if the animal will bite you then it is wearing your cloths) holds true here.

His selection as Vice Presidential candidate of NDC was the beginning of Mills journey to the underworld. And as I will state later, pretenders deliberately put a wedge between Rawlings and the learned Professor for a purpose. Unfortunately, the late President, like Rehoboam forsook the advice of his mentor and the result was the eventual demise of the late President.
You see Mills was a decent man in an evil contraption but his sickness actually “reduced” his reasoning faculties. Twice his acolytes told us that he rejected fat envelopes meant to compromise him. Can we say same of current President Mahama?

A big no!
He accepted a gift on a gargantuan scale from a Burkinabe national. Earlier on, he had inflated some invoices in connection of purchasing some air crafts for the Ghana Armed Forces. It was so huge that his boss, late President was shocked and so appointed a three man committee to investigate the shady deal.
But our sleek President like the clever servant in the Bible realized what was at stake and acted fast before the long alms of the law caught up with him. The rest is history

We prefer the sacking of the treacherous National Chairman of our party to the bizarre and unexplained circumstances resulting in the death of late President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills. This is because, “the monster” aided by the charlatans and brood of vipers would stop at nothing to achieve its crude intention. It is similar to denying the devil a seat in your house. Then, it would prefer to sit on your nose. The “unknown” assassins of late Presidet Mills have put Ghanaians between the devil and the evil grove.

Yes, the man called John Dramani Mahama has taught us a bitter lesson, for he stands out as one of three African leaders to have shown a great deal of ingratitude to their mentors.

The first is Paul Biya of Cameroon who was foisted on the people by outgoing President, Ahidjo. His reward? A fake coup d’état, orchestrated by Biya implicated his predecessor. In the end, Ahidjo was tried and sentenced to death in absentia.

The second was Mwamanaissa of Zambia. Against all protestation by the Zambians that the elections were rigged, Chiluba, outgoing President went ahead and made Mwannaissa his successor. Mwannaissa later accused his mentor of corruption. In the end, God became the arbiter, when He used his big stick to snuff life out of Mwamanaissa, the ungrateful wretch.

This time, we are not watching a live video. We are living witnesses to what is happening. We have seen and are still seeing it with our naked “kurokuro” eyes. And it is about the ingratitude of a man called John Dramani Mahama.
President Mahama has cut the knot that binds the Ghanaians together as one people. You see, the death of the late President was programmed in such a way that, like Caesar, he put so much trust in his so-called “loyalists” and lost touch with reality. Yes, security gave way to conspiracy. Some of the “monster’s” trusted allies pretended to be friends of late President Mills.

As already stated, the first plan they put in motion was to put a wedge between the late Professor and his mentor, former President Rawlings. They knew that as long as the Professor and his mentor were on good terms, it would be impossible to carry out their diabolical plans. So, the scheming began. On one occasion, when Rawlings went to discuss an issue with the late President, the pretenders told him that the President did not want to see him. At that time, Mills was having his bath and had no idea that Rawlings had come to see him. The former President felt slighted and left in anger. The gulf between the two widened. This is the simple truth.

President Mahama wrote a book and he titled it “My First Coup d’état”. Against whom, one may ask? In less than six months or so after launching his book, the President died. And it would interest you to know that Yaw Boateng Gyan, former National Organizer of the Nefarious Contraption said that rumors of Mills death before it happened had originated from the camp of a top official at the Presidency, who stood to gain on the death of Mills.

To show you how vindictive and callous the President is, I want to take you back to events which happened a few days before the learned Professor died “officially”. According to Mahama, he went to the late President’s office but did not find him in the office. He next went to his own office to find a note left on his table by Prof. Mills. Now, the question is this. The late President’s residence was within the Castle where Mahama also had his office.

What prevented him (John Mahama) from going to the residence of the then President to find out what was wrong with him?

Since John Dramani Mahama became President, he has reversed almost every policy put in place by his Predecessor. The party has not even deemed it expedient as a matter of courtesy to observe a minute silence in his memory in any of its numerous ceremonies.

He has deliberately refused to acknowledge the fact that his Government is a continuation of Mills’ own. But he himself said “I was virtually the President” in the latter part of Mills Presidency. Now, all the so-called acolytes of Mills who used to call him charitable names and said he was the best thing that ever happened in the country are singing a different tune. They are saying Mahama is the best President Ghana has ever had. They even claim he is better than Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Founder of Ghana. And I am asking them this question: Between Mills and Mahama, who is better?

You see, when they found out that the late President was “seriously” ill, they decided to exacerbate the sickness by using some “ways and means” methods. And that was the reason why Nii Lante Vanderpuye took him to a juju man to make a ring for him to put on his finger. Instead of the warding off evil forces, it rather worsened his illness. You see how diabolical these people in the nefarious contraption are.

Immediately, the professor passed on to the land beyond, the babies with sharp teeth, the greedy bastards and the evil dwarfs shouted “eureka”. Revisionism started. Mills was against taking part in the debate organized by the IEA. Immediately after his demise, the NDC made a reversal.

John Mahama revealed his disdain for his former boss when dissidents and rebels from the NDC were brought back into the party soon after the demise of the formrt President. Those people had resigned from the party or had their membership put on hold, but with Mahama in the saddle, people like Obed Asamoah, Bede Ziedeng, Captain Boakye Djan and many others had their membership restored to them. Under Mills, they had been “persona non grata” Who says, “Man no dey? Man dey!

What about the Dzi wo Fie Asem” (Eat you House Matter) syndrome of late Mills? Mills was against sending Ghanaian troops to Cote d”Ivoire. NDC shouted unto the highest heavens and praised Mills for being his own man. They even said the UN Secretary General had praised him for his stance on the impasse in Cote d”Ivoire. In comes John Dramani Mahama. He sent Ghanaian troops to quell a rebellion in Mali where Islamic fundamentalists are having a field day. What has changed? Ghanaians are familiar with the terrain in Cote d”Ivoire. What about Mali?

Did not Mills turn the Castle into a Prayer House? Yes, he did and we applaud him on that. He was against Homosexuality and Lesbianism. He told the world powers to go to hell with their money. In comes danger boy, John Dramani Mahama, who is riding a bicycle without brakes down a slope. He appoints a gay activist into his cabinet. This gay activist says “gays have a right”. What rights? Do they have other rights that do not affect ordinary citizens? If they do, I am yet to be told how.

The Vice President of the Gay Movement even made a large donation at the launch of President Mahama’s book “My First Coup d’état. That is John Dramani Mahama for you.

Appointments in Mills Government were tilted in favour of the “Dzelokupe” Mafia against the Fante Confederation spearheaded by the Ahwoi brothers. Now, the Northern Mafia led by the President’s brother are in control . Muritalla Mohammed and Omane Boama are assisting Ibrahim Mahama to loot our collective tool.

We should not forget the fact that Mills had kicked against moving the Presidency from the Castle to Jubilee House, now renamed Flagstaff House. While Mills was alive, the NDC had said it would use the entire edifice as a hen coop. But the “flamboyant, young man moved the seat of Government to the building a few months after the demise of his predecessor. What do they say to their argument that it would be incompatible for the President as representative of the downtrodden masses to live in such opulence while majority of Ghanaians wallow in abject poverty
In terms of who could foul the air and mouth foul their political opponents; Squealer Okudzeto Ablakwa was made the arrowhead of such vicious barking dogs and babies with sharp teeth. But under Mahama, his “contriman” Muritalla Mohammed has gained notoriety as head of such evil dwarfs.

Ghanaians appear to be blinded by quackery. As the election draws closer, there is the need to put all the cards on the tape for Ghanaians to make well informed decisions. I am saying it on authority that current President, John Dramani Mahama has a murky past. He cannot absolve himself in the murder of his predecessor and it is my responsibility as a defender of democracy to alert the citizenry on this. Akua Donkor, the darling of the President even corroborates this.

The NDC as it now stands and led by its @Commander in Thief harbors thieves, rapists, necromancers, thugs, murderers, cut throats, quacks, criminals and vermin. It is filled with arrogant thieves who have milked dry our collective toll.

What so you do to such criminals? In the early part of the revolution, they would have been tied to the stake and shot. But we shall be magnanimous this time around. We shall send them to the Coventry. We have to vote out John Mahama, now christened Ali Baba and his bunch of criminals
Vote them out ooo! They are criminals!! They are murderers who are sucking your blood and giving you steroids just to keep you going. They are blood sucking vampires who ought to be sent to the nearest witches’ camp to be purged of their evil activities.

The President and his bunch of looters are archetypes of nation wreckers. Having accepted their cruel fate that they have tainted souls which will be short, nasty and brutish, they have had no compunctions on inflicting pain on all the rest of us.

Yes, majority of Mahama’s government are “armed” robbers. Armed with power and pens, these sadists have unarguably behaved as if there would be no tomorrow. They have milked the nation dry and almost brought us to our knees. But whether they are armed robbers or “pen” robbers, a thief is always a thief. Armageddon awaits them and it will happen sooner than they expect.

On a very serious note, some Ghanaians think and believe that the late President was seen as a liability to the Ruling Party on account of his failing health against the rigors and demands of the 2012 General Elections. The fear of this liability and the reality that their political opponents were waiting to take them on squarely for that against the constant assurance of the late President’s good health by his handlers and close aides set them to do serious mathematics. The answer to the calculation was the elimination of the good old Professor (the liability). After all, what is the soul of one Liability Professor of Law compared to the souls of Three High Court Judges and a Military Officer when an election is at stake?

By Daniel Danquah Damptey
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