“John Mahama has Nothing New to Offer. The Proverbial Kwatrekwa!”

John Mahama
John Mahama

It looks like the entire speech by JM at his campaign launch yesterday was about current affairs discourse in the traditional and social media space. Content was simply a collation of propositions made by the public i.e. reduce the size of government, scrap ex gratia, tackle perceived corruption, etc.

Good to be opportunistic for political gains but JM reminds me of their sugarcoated campaign promises in their 2008 campaign. One of them was the enticing one-time health insurance premium payment promise which they failed to fulfil and rather introduced the excruciating captitaion payment scheme that got our women in Ashanti region in particular, to wallow in their health conditions. Ghanaians, I believe have not forgotten.

In fact, by the time JM was leaving the scene, he had cancelled teacher trainee and nursing trainee allowances which brought dire consequences to our education and health delivery systems.

JM spoke confidently about tackling corruption? Is it the case that he wants to tell us he has repented from his past deeds or he actually wanted to say things Ghanaians would like to hear from political leaders? I remember clearly, his interview with BBC’s Peter Okwoche. Even though he said we Ghanaians have short memories, I doubt many have forgotten so soon.

I remember so well, how some difficulties the Kufuor government encountered in the last years of its term got our middle class, CSOs and voters in NPP strongholds very apathetic; and many did not vote as a result, leading to NDC’s win per the result from Tain Constituency (you can call it third round). What did we see after JEAM/JM took power?

Ghana minus COVID19 and the ongoing global conflicts emanating from Russia-Ukraine was in very bad shape. So easy for the cynical opportunistic JM to say what you want to hear so as to get your vote per the current challenges, but his woeful and abysmal track record does not support what he says.

If for nothing at all, let’s remember that in the midst of all the difficulties, we have Free SHS, 1D1F, Planting for Food and Jobs (PfJ), digital revolution, stable electricity (no dumso), massive road and electricity infrastructure, agenda 111 is progressing steadily, basic infrastructure through development authorities are all over in countless communities giving them solar powered mechanised boreholes, toilet facilities, police stations, warehouses, sports facilities, basic school infrastructure, and many more.

Amidst the current economic difficulties we are experiencing, which undeniably, is a function of the global economic challenges, we can only work hard to get things normalised and make progress. This is not the time to be swayed into retrogression.

JM has nothing new to offer. The proverbial kwatrekwa!


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