How John Mahama Is Ruling From His Bedroom Window



To the politically neophyte, Mahama was coming as a knight in shining armor, the prophesied king to deliver Ghanaians from economic bondage, the youthful leader born in the modern world, but not a person born when?the name Ghana existed in the air. In fact, Mahama was seen by the inexpert eyes as a perfect dish for the gods, the messiah to salvage Ghana’s dwindling economic meltdown since Mills took over.
However, many of such daydreamers have been jolted back to reality, a reality whose gravity is painfully unbearable. Needless for me to jog our memories of the heavenly pledges and action plans outlined in the manifesto of the NDC. One of such sugary promises was the complete eradication of the ailment called ‘dumsor, dumsor’.
Months after Mahama was dubiously declared winner of the 2012 presidential elections, he did not mince words in reiterating his renewed resolve in dealing a heavy blow to our incessant power outages. To paraphrase him, ‘power outages will be a relic of the distant past in no time’. Two years down the line, the plight of Ghanaians have worsened in that department! Ghanaians are being hanged, drawn and quartered, and there seems to be no solution in sight.

Three days ago, in his usual characteristics, just to sell an idea to Ghanaians he cares so much about their welfare, President Mahama toured some power generation installations. Upon reaching Akosombo, and having
looked at the water level, which, according to experts, was not anything to dance ‘Y3nntie obiara’ over, our president could only implore Ghanaians to pray fervently to God to open the cries of heaven upon the Akosombo! By
inference, Mahama is telling us all he can do now is to fold his arms on his chest and hope God listens to his dry pretentious prayers! It also stands to reason that Mahama has no human solution to combat this man-made
challenge, so he isn’t culpable as far as this crisis is concerned. This is the mark of visionless, clueless and directionless leader! Such leaders cannot generate ideas from their own minds but have to depend solely on outside

Within the week, in an effort craftly fashioned and put up to calm the nerves of electricity power-hungry Ghanaians, Dr.Kwabena Donkor offered to be the goat ready and willing to be slaughtered by sticking his
neck out to take a back seat if he is unable to get his grips on this power crisis within the year.
Any effort aimed at bringing sanity into the power sector is laudable, but these nagging questions keep on popping out of my overworked mind.
1. How long has this crisis stayed with us? Haven’t we been battling this power crisis since 2012?
2. If a year is enough to drive away this power crisis, why have we waited for almost three years to pursue these same measures?
3. Didn’t legendary Kufuor import generators to augment the little we had when dumsor reared its ugly head in 2007? Sight must not be lost of the fact that the price of crude oil was at its peak during 2007! Ghanaians needed power, and Kufuor gave it to them willy-nilly! Why can’t Mahama do same?

Mahama is a classic example of the walking dead. His decrepit nature doesn’t allow him to fish for pragmatic solutions to Ghana’s problems. Living under Mahama’s Better Ghana is a fate far worse than death!

Source: By P.K SARPONG

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