By James K. Attaglo Wilson

Known to be one of the greatest tacticians that has ever coached in the history of the game, football, Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho became a mathematician out of frustration at the Stamford Bridge on Saturday as the Blues drew with relegation threatening Burnely.
mouThe self acclaimed ‘Special One’ described the entire game with four mathematical figures; 30,33,43 and 69.
“This game had four crucial moments, minutes; 30,33,43 and 69,” he said in a post match interview.
“Minute 69 had a big relation to minute 30. Normally the player (Barnes), if I can call him a player, who was involved in minute 30 should be in the shower by minute 31.
“Then there would be no minute 69 if the person in charge (Martin Atkinson) dealt with minute 30.”
Jose Mourinho also blamed referee Martin Atkinson for denying his side two penalty claims and not given Barnes a red card for two obvious fouls, but sending off his midfield marshalant, Nemanja Matic for a push on Ashley Barnes in the 70th minute.
Branislav Ivanovic, who gave the Blues a fourteen minute lead was also booked for attempting to stop Atkinson from issuing the card to his fellow countryman, Matic.
In the end, the league leader’s saw their lead cut short five points as second placed Man City washed aside Newcastle by 5-0 at the Etihad.
But the ‘Special One’ could not sum up his Saturday mathematics lectures without lashing out at the FA for what he describes as a conspiracy theory by the association to deny Chelsea the opportunity to clinch the 2014/2015 Premiership title.

Source: James K. Attaglo Wilson

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