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Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku appointed 5th substantive Head of Nii Afutu Brempong family

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The principal elders of Nii Afutu Brempong family appoints Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku as their 5th substantive Head of family with the gathering of about 58 family members on the 4th of August 2023, As per Ga and Nii Afutu Brempong custom, the Head of Family is appointed at a meeting of all principal members of the family presided over by the Otsaame of Afutu Brempong We.

That 14 principal members of the Afutu Brempong We of Teshie-Krobo held namely:
1. Peter Nii Amon Sasraku (Otsaame) 2. Naa Korkor Agyemang II (Otsirikomfo Manye) 3. Nii Oko Sasraku II (Teshie Praso Mantse) 4. Nii Oko Boye Sasraku III (Teshie Panpanso Mantse) 5. Naa Dede Wayo II (Teshie Praso Manye) 6. Nii Ashaley Afutufio (Pantang Mankralo), 7. Nii Kotey Sasraku (Panto Sekwelo) 8. Asafoatse Ayibontey II 9. Asafoatse Kotey Sasraku II 10. Elizabeth Fofo Sasraku 11. Florence Badu Sasraku 12. Dora Kai Sasraku 13. Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku (Head of Sasraku Weku) 14. Daniel Neequaye Sasraku.

The elders went inside the family room for general meeting at Teshie on the 4th day of August 2023 presided over by the Otsaame of the Family in the person of Peter Nii Amon Sasraku for deliberation. A conclusion was drawn that their great ancestor Nii Afutu Brempong has many children however there are two (2) lineages namely Numo Kotei (second born) Nii Botwe Sasraku lineage (eight born) are nominated for head of family which is also on rotation.

After the death of Nii Amonfio Kotei (4th head of family); it is the turn of Nii Botwe Sasraku lineage to be head of family all 14 principal elders present agreed. Robert Nii Amon Sasraku (Direct blood lineage Nii Botwe Sasraku) was nominated however there is pending court ruling restraining him to become head of family, he was therefore not suitable.

The 13 elders at the meeting concluded that since Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku is the current head of the Nii Botwe Sasraku lineage it will be appropriate to appoint him as head of family for Nii Afutu Brempong We of Teshie. Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku trace it root to through his father Nicolas Nii Amasah Sasraku (3rd head of family of Nii Afutu Brempong We), his grandfather Joseph Oko Sasraku and Benjamin Akuettteh Sasraku (Twins), his great grandfather Chief John Botwe Sasraku (second head of family for Nii Afutu Brempong We) and his great great grandfather is Nii Afutu Brempong.

Upon firm affirmation of Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku, the elders immediately invited the Klaana Wulomo of Teshie Krobo Numo Kotey Neequaye and the priestess. All the customary rites performed during the installation of head of family for the Nii Afutu Brempong We was duly performed by the Klaana Wulomo of Teshie krobo and the priestess for the newly appointed Joseph Nii Amon Sasraku.

The daily guide interviewed the new appointed head of family about his take on the appointment; he told us there is lots of disunity and unfair treatment is the family, he first task to promote united and harmony in the family, protect all the family assets and resolve all outstanding court and governmental cases.

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