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Joseph Wemakor to attend Pan-Africa Conference in Nairobi

Joseph Wemakor
Joseph Wemakor
The Founder and Executive director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), Joseph Kobla Wemakor has received an exclusive invitation to participate in the upcoming Pan Africa Human Rights and Social Justice Conference.
This esteemed invitation, extended by Ben Saul, the distinguished Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, marks a significant recognition of Wemakor’s unwavering commitment to championing human rights causes.
Scheduled to unfold on the 8th and 9th of June 2024 at the opulent Argyle Grand Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, the conference is poised to delve into the critical discourse surrounding the development of human rights-centric counter-terrorism strategies across Africa.
With a mission to foster greater regional collaboration and harmonization among diverse stakeholders, including African civil society entities, governmental institutions, and international bodies like the United Nations, the event aims to pave the way for a more unified and effective approach to addressing security challenges on the continent.
A key highlight of this pivotal gathering will be the significant role it plays in shaping the Special Rapporteur’s forthcoming report to the esteemed General Assembly, set for presentation in October 2024.
This comprehensive report will spotlight the efforts of both regional and subregional organizations in combating terrorism while steadfastly upholding human rights principles.
In a statement reflecting on this prestigious invitation, Joseph Wemakor expressed his gratitude, stating, “This invitation signifies a pivotal moment for me to collaborate with eminent human rights advocates, experts, and policymakers in shaping the discourse on safeguarding human rights amidst counter-terrorism measures in Africa.”
Renowned for his role as a dedicated Ghanaian human rights activist, committed humanitarian, and influential journalist, Wemakor also holds a distinguished position as a member of the esteemed G16 Regional Security Advocacy Group (G16RSAC).
This eminent group operates diligently across the West African sub-region to fortify regional security processes through research initiatives, advocacy campaigns, networking endeavors, and capacity-building initiatives.
Furthermore, the conference will provide a unique platform for the G16RSAC group to engage with the office of the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights protection in countering terrorism.
This dialogue will shed light on specific counter-terrorism challenges unique to Africa, their underlying causes, impacts, and the ongoing efforts by regional states to combat these threats effectively.
The meeting is poised to offer a distinctive opportunity for the G16RSAC members to propose sustainable solutions aligned with global human rights standards in the fight against terrorism in Africa.
Additionally, the group will engage in productive discussions to outline future regional strategies, identify relevant stakeholders, and devise impactful engagement strategies, further cementing their commitment to advancing regional security and human rights imperatives.
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