Journalism on the Cross of Cavalry: A Case of Umaru Sanda

Investigative journalism

One of the fundamental lessons anybody will ever be taught in a Journalism School is the role of the media to the citizenry. Certainly, the most mentioned role of the journalists is to inform; but that function begs the question – How far should a journalist go to feed the citizens information?

On Monday, March 2, 2020, during a busy schedule, I chanced upon a video posted by Citi News on their Facebook page where there was a confrontation between the youth of Sogakope and the Police in that jurisdiction. What “justified” that confrontation was mainly due to the death of an Assemblyman of the area who was killed by some armed men, and according to the youth they were not happy with the conduct of the police in the wake of such attacks, among others that have occurred in the area in recent times.

In the midst of the confrontation, the youth pelted stones at the police while the latter also fired live bullets into the crowd (according to reports). While the video kept playing, the voice of a fine young man could be heard running commentary on what was ensuing, and I was not surprised it was Umaru Sanda of Citi FM/TV.

The personality of whoever was running the commentary was actually not of great concern to me but the bravery exhibited by the young man was what caught my attention the most.

In what appeared to be an Aljazeera-style reportage of a live ‘war’ scene, Umaru was found risking his life (although he was scared at a point which is pure human instinct) with his camera man moving through the flying bullets and stones just to give a coverage.

It was at that point that I appreciated the passion and the sense of “responsibility to the public”, even when one’s (journalist) life was at stake.

The motivation behind this piece is to praise the hard work of the Umaru Sanda-like journalists who work against all odds to the satisfaction of the public.

Lest I forget, just in case it appears I may be exaggerating, one can just do a quick Google search of the video and I am sure after watching, one will appreciate the exploits of such journalists then my initial question; How far should a journalist go to feed the citizens information? Will be answered.

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