Journey beyond unicorn – A conversation with Maser’s Prateek Suri

Prateek Suri
Prateek Suri

Becoming a unicorn in the innovation and technology world means that a start-up/ business has a valuation of over a billion dollars (2,000,000,000). While many might see this as a huge achievement and a chance to relax and revel in the glory, Maser Group’s CEO, Prateek Suri looks at this as a stepping stone toward a better and improved vision. This is not to say that Prateek is oblivious to the significance of achieving the unicorn status. As a matter of fact, he acknowledges that the status represents the culmination of hard work, innovation, and a talented team coming together to build something exceptional. “Being recognized as a unicorn is a validation of our efforts,” Prateek says. “It’s an important milestone, but it’s only the beginning.”
With commitment to innovation, Prateek believes that Africa can achieve true success in the tech landscape. By observing Maser Group, it is noticeable that the organization’s culture is centred on encouraging and growing creativity that constantly breaks boundaries. According to the CEO, “Innovation is not an event; it’s a mind-set.” Prateek asserts that the people at Maser Group are always encouraged to think boldly, to experiment without fear and to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. This is founded on Prateek’s belief that as a leader he needs to empower his team and highlights that great leadership involves not just directing but also creating the opportunities for others to lead hence nurturing a culture of trust and collaboration. “I’m fortunate to work with a team of incredibly talented individuals,” Prateek says. “My role as a leader is to provide them with the resources, guidance, and support they need to excel.”
“Our vision is to create transformative solutions that have a lasting impact on society,” Prateek explains. “Valuation is just a reflection of our progress, but it’s not the end game.” As the world celebrates on behalf of Maser Group, Prateek’s concerns arise around the impact that Maser has made and can continue to make. He states that the emphasis of Maser Groups remains not on the unicorn status but on creating technology solutions that fit the African context and solves real-world problems.
Conclusively, Prateek Suri offers advice to up and coming innovators and entrepreneurs. His urge is that they do not be driven by the pursuit of numbers and valuation but rather to find their true north; a purpose that guides them toward meaningful impact. “The journey beyond unicorn status is about leaving a lasting mark on the world,” Prateek concludes. “Follow your passion, solve real problems, and success, in its truest form, will follow.” Prateek Suri’s unique perspective on the journey beyond unicorn status is a wakening reminder that no matter how good the results are, staying focused and remembering the purpose is a sure way to bring in better results and to grow one’s set skills within any given industry. Valuation is great, but at what cost?

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