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?In the journey of greatness, reading is not all that is required. Thinking great thoughts is crucial and unavoidable. Greatness is attained only by thinking of great thoughts. No man can become great in outward personality until he is great internally; and no man can be great internally until he thinks. No amount of education, reading or study can make you great without thought. You are not mentally developed by what you read, but by what you think about what you read. Reading lubricates thinking?. Quote by:? Prof. Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa. (Minister of education of Nigeria)

 Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi

Consider these analytical outlined four ways to build your idea:

4 Ways to Build Momentum for Your New Idea (thought)

Make that first slam dunk! Go for a home run! In sports, teams want to score first to build positive momentum. It builds the players? confidence and that of their fans. The same is true for your idea, your change or your new business. Early momentum can determine if your dream becomes a reality.

A new entrepreneur needs early good press to share he is in business. The product manager creates a quick pilot to create early interest in the product. The sales leader needs even a small sales increase for the new service to show there is demand and it will work.

But momentum builders need to help your cause. Be strategic. Make sure they are:

Aimed toward your bigger goal

Not a distraction at the expense of higher priorities

One step toward longer term progress

Real and will be viewed positively in a few months just as much as today

Momentum builders aren?t all alike. Find the type that is meaningful to your new idea or change. The perfect momentum builder in one situation may go unnoticed in another. And consider the audience for yours. Do you want to make an impression on your leaders, customers, your team or investors? This will determine the path you take.

There are several options for momentum builders. What kind do you need?

1. Quantitative results: These are undeniable facts and data that show progress. This may be a noticeable improvement in sales for your new store or product. It can be an uptick in participation, increased attendance at your events or a noticeable decrease in costs. These are quantifiable and hard to debate. Some will need this result to take notice.

2. Confidence builder: This momentum builder helps others believe in a new idea or change. Look for people you believe in and sort for encouragement.

3. Positive word-of-mouth: This creates buzz and interest in others that will spread. Word-of-mouth is the most positive way to build momentum for anything, including your idea or change. A ?like? or check-in tells your friends that you are at your new favourite store or active in a new group. We trust this much more than any formal advertising or communications. These personal recommendations can be in person or online.

I recently visited a new neighbourhood restaurant and they had all hands on deck to make sure guests had a great first experience. As soon as i looked up for a refill of water, the manager was there to ask if i needed anything. A friend had a mistake on his order and they didn?t charge him for the meal. They offered free appetizers to those waiting. They knew they needed good word-of-mouth very early to be successful.

4. Inevitability: Inevitability is based on quick progress to indicate that your idea and plans will be successful?so why not join in? I have a friend who is a notable author but wanted to build his consulting practice. He finally concluded that he had to just claim it and start telling his network that he offers consulting services and sharing other projects. This made him success appear inevitable and he earned new business as a result. He made his success as a consultant appear inevitable.

What can you do to build momentum and get some points on the board? Be strategic and think about what a momentum builder looks like in your situation. You don?t have long to build interest and start your momentum. Get started!?And develop your thoughts

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