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Juju Ferrari Spent More Than US$50k On Butt Implants That Went Wrong

Juju Ferrari
Juju Ferrari

A popular Instagram influencer, with more than 4 million followers, has admitted that she edited her photos to have a less bulbous butt caused a stir on social media. Juju Ferrari is a digital content creator and said that when she photoshoot her photos so she can have a “less sexy”. 

The model and influencer, who has already invested over US$ 100,000 in cosmetic procedures, including Botox applications, hyaluronic acid on her face, silicone implants on her breasts and the like, wanted to conquer even bigger buttocks than she already has, but Juju got frustrated when she realized that she had been the victim of professional mistakes.

Juju had 3 interventions on her butt. The first time was in São Paulo and she didn’t know what material he would be using but assumed it was industrial silicone. The second time was in Rio de Janeiro, with a doctor known to Juju that has used hydrogel. Then she ended up mixing the two products. 

The mix of these 2 produces can cause serious infection, but Juju was fortunate. Never less was upset because of the appearance of her body, which was not as she would have liked. “I didn’t have a problem with infection, but I had a problem with the appearance of my butt. I have some nodules, like, that were on my butt, and a purplish appearance. I also get some pain from time to time,” she explained. 

Currently, the influencer undergoes a treatment to keep her butt big and perky. “Today I use threads for support. The doctor who accompanies me applies these threads that pull the muscle and support the weight of the butt.”, she explains. 

Juju always believed that a woman’s power of seduction was in her butt; I she thought that having a small I wasn’t sexy enough. But now she admits that now is time to do a harmonization of her butt because of that she photoshop her photos. 

On her Instagram, Juju shares situations from her day to day. “I am happy that the subject of removing the product on my Butt serves as a warning to people who, like me, have this problem.” 

One of her goals for 2023 is to find jeans that fit your butt “I always had trouble finding jeans that fit my butt size.”



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